Word of Mouth Marketing

I have a really bad habit when it comes to my own products.

My bad habit is that no matter what I can always think of ways to make them better.

Why is this bad? It's bad because it means nothing is ever finished and if nothing is ever finished then it's hard for me to fully market it the way it deserves.

For the longest time, people weren't sure how to sign up for DTC because I never really pushed it that it was open. If you found the Join page then great, and if you didn't? No worries, I'll let you know about it when I think the product is finished.

This obviously means you aren't going to make as much money as you possibly could. If people don't know that something exists then how can they purchase it?

They can't.

One day, a blogger in the how to blog niche signed up for access to DTC.


She would go through it and ask for a refund because it wasn't where I wanted it to be so surely it couldn't be up to the level that she was expecting.

I was wrong.

She loved it.

She loved it so much that she told her audience that she loved it. Because of her I made $6,934.87.

The next month that number almost doubled to $12,607.48.

8 months later I made $99,416.59 over a 7-day period.

It was awesome. I didn't do anything crazy. I created a product, someone enjoyed the value they got out of it and shared it with the people they knew. Those people then bought the product, enjoyed the value and shared it with the people that they knew.

This is the dream.

Apple and Nike can do all of the advertising that they want but most people only buy their products AFTER someone recommends them or they see someone else using them.

If you can get your products to that level your whole business begins to change.

It sounds great but how in the hell do you accomplish that?

You have to get people to believe that they are part of something bigger.

And that's where the DTC Upside Down Funnel was born.