The More Money Mentality

My family didn't really have money growing up. I mean we always had food on the table and a roof over our heads, but there weren't any luxuries beyond that.

I didn't really have a firm grasp of what money was all about when I was little. I just knew that whenever I wanted to do something the only deciding factor was whether or not we had money.

I knew money was the reason my parents went to jobs they hated. My Dad working the night shift while my Mom had to get up at 2:30am to get ready for work.

I understood money was the reason I had to get a scholarship if I wanted to go to college.

Money was an issue, but I didn't quite grasp what it was. I was always told that money wasn't everything by television shows.

I didn't truly understand what money brought until I sold my first site for $20,000. I spent it all within 90 days but what that amount of money showed me was that money equals freedom.

Having that money meant freedom from stress.

Having that money meant freedom from worry.

Having that money meant more time.

Having that money meant I could do things that I wasn't able to before.

Money was my freedom.

When I spent it all, life returned to how I remembered it. Stress, worry, and all of those other things.

That's when I realized that there was nothing wrong with wanting to make a lot of money.

I don't know if it was my imagination but I felt like society put a stigma on wanting more money. Don't get me wrong, I think there is a limit. There is no reason Jeff Bezos should want more money but if you're making $30,000 a year then wanting more money seems natural.

We live in a world where money provides you with opportunities.

I didn't necessarily want more money.

I wanted the things that more money would get me.

A Million Dollars

I remember I told my wife the day I was going to try and make a million dollars in a year. She did that smile that she does when I say something outrageous and she simply replied:

I would just like to pay rent on time this month.


Okay then, back to reality.

The reality was that I needed to get my business to cover our bills and then I could do that whole million dollar thing.

I remember when Thrive/Strive was making enough money from ads on a consistent basis to pay for rent. It was the most ridiculous relief that I've ever felt. It was like getting a paycheck every month no matter what happened.

But I needed more than a simple paycheck. I wanted freedom money.

I wanted money where if my wife said she wanted to go shopping it wasn't an issue. Where if we went out to eat I didn't need to worry about the cost of an appetizer. Where when my family wanted to visit, I could buy their plane tickets and make it happen.

I had to go beyond ads and work on my own product.