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How do I write good copy?

Updated: September 7, 2018

The following is a conversation taken directly from the DTC Community Slack. Sara asked about copywriting resources and Scrivs responded.

Scrivs: @Sara Copywriting is the same across the board. Nothing that I know is targeted specifically to email marketing. People been using the same techniques for decades

Sara: Where do I find these techniques @Scrivs? Any good book you recommend? I really don’t know anything about it, like zero! I just type what comes to mind and I would like to know a bit more about it.

Scrivs: I'd just search Amazon for the best ranked ones. One day I'll compile a list of what I've read over the years but they all kind of melded together so I can't say one stood out over the others

They all say "tap into the emotions of the audience" blah blah blah

If the one person you're trying to sell to sat with you at a bar and told you their one problem how would you respond?

I can spare 10 minutes so if you give me a problem or audience let's do some quick copywriting

SaraOh How exciting!

So the problem they have is they hate their job!

And they feel trapped and don’t know how to get out

But they are also scared of trying something else!

Because they’ll lose their security

Scrivs: Do they know something else is out there?

Sara:They heard about it but it’s too scary

They don’t think they are worth anything other than be in their job

Scrivs: You know there are better opportunities out there for you because you've seen other people succeed. You feel there is a better path for you and you know that means starting something of your own.

But there is a big problem.

You can't afford to leave the security that you currently have.

Sara: Yes!

Scrivs: It's like you're holding onto a vine and you know the opportunity is at the other tree. If you let go of the vine you might fall and then what?

Sara: You have a good job, rent or a mortgage. Your world will collapse, my family will think I am mad

Scrivs: What if I told you that you could hold on to one vine while reaching for another?

Scrivs: You don't have to sacrifice it all to reach the new vine, instead, you just have to be strategic. Let me show you how.

Sara: Please show me! Yes

Scrivs: $999, monthly payments

Sara: lol


1. Magnify the problem they have

2. Make sure you bring up the emotion they have (in this case fear of letting go)

3. Show you understand

I could do this all day lol


That’s fun

I am giving you the $999

I am not even sure you know the answer, but you made me feel like I wanted to buy it

Because I just wanted you to help me so bad!

Scrivs: Well there is a lot more that would be on the page. Like I need to address your concerns before you even have time to answer.

This could be through social proof, showing my authority etc

Sara: Of course

Scrivs: I've been in your shoes. I was stuck in a job and I tried a million times to start something on the side. I couldn't find the energy to do it after work and it seemed like I was moving in quick sand

But then something changed.

Now I've hooked another part of the audience

Sara: That’s good

Scrivs: And of course if it was a $999 product I wouldn't try to make the sale through a landing page They need way more touch points by me

So let's say it's a $49 book

Sara: Where did you cut and paste that from? One of your blogs?

Scrivs: I just made it up

Scrivs: My family doubted me. My friends doubted me. It was tough. It seemed like the Universe was actively working against me but I discovered that wasn't true. I was simply taking the wrong steps to the right approach.

Now I can say that I make $5,000 a month and I've let go of that old vine.

Sara: And I can teach you how you can do it too?

Scrivs: This is why people tell you to niche down because to sell higher end products you need to target a very specific person

It's the whole conflict with blogging, there are two mindsets

Get a ton of traffic to make money with ads, but that usually means a super broad audience

Get a very specific audience so you can sell just to them and make bigger money

Sara: I get it now a lot more than I did when I started

But it’s harder at the beginning if you don’t know what you are doing

Scrivs: Well nobody knows what they are doing at the beginning

Sara: With a broad blog you can see fast results, and that gives up hope

Hope that there is something out there that will really work And then when you start to understand how this online business thing works you are like: man, I wish I just wrote about that one thing!

And then you want to start again! But at least you have learned a lot and made money too!

You are very good at copywriting!

You should really write a course on that! I would buy it

I know you say it’s the same stuff from 10 years ago but for people that just get into this is all new. And writing engaging content that sells is what makes or breaks you in the end.

Scrivs: There is a course coming but the way my mind works it's hard to formulate the steps that I'm going through since it seems so natural to me now

It's just communication, that will never change. When you talk to your friends and you tell them a problem you're having you hate the friend that interrupts and acts like they know it all

You love the friend that listens and then offers the feedback at the right time

Sara: I can see that, and I can see how it can be hard to write it down as a step-by-step process

Scrivs: If you can't practice empathy with your audience you don't stand a chance

Then you're forced to send 5 emails a week pimping out products

But you're already there because you knew fear was the driving emotion holding them back

So then you're just saying you completely understand the fear and it's a valid thing for them to have

You had it too and this is how you broke through

Now they see you are like them and you took the journey so you MUST know how to get from Point A to Point B