The Online Business FAQ // Pinterest

I logged in to Pinterest and my account is suspended! What do I do?

Updated: October 5, 2018

Some do's and don'ts when your Pinterest account is suspended:

  1. Do use the link (provided that the link works, sometimes it doesn't) in the message that you received saying that your account has been suspended. Let Pinterest know that you think that this is a mistake and that you are a good Pinterest citizen.
  2. Email and give them the same story. You've been suspended. This is a mistake and this is why.
  3. Create a back up personal Pinterest account if you haven't already and pin your pins using that account to keep them active.
  4. Don'ts

    1. Don't panic, it's not the end of the world. Your pins are still out there for people to see and pin. Pinterest has been much faster at getting accounts reinstated
    2. Don't try to figure out why you were suspended. It is a futile effort. Unless you were pinning 3rd party spam pins, you probably didn't do anything wrong. And Pinterest isn't going to tell you why.
    3. While you're waiting out the suspension, focus on writing some amazing new content!