The Online Business FAQ // Blogging

Can you write about different topics in one blog as long as you go deep into each topic?

Updated: July 13, 2018

Technically you can do whatever you want. But, it all depends on your long term strategy.

I could write about Keto on BBC if I wanted to but would I be able to sell a keto product on it?

Let's try an exercise, come up with two magic numbers.

The first one is the revenue you want that will make you happy with your blog.

The second one is the dream revenue that will allow you to do anything that you want. I'll play along.

Let's say my first number is $3,000 for my homesteading blog.

If I decide to go with ads then that means I need about 280k pageviews so I would write about all popular things in that niche.

If my second number is $15,000 then I know that's gonna be much harder with just ads. That would require a ton of content but if I'm selling a $50 ebook, then I need to sell 300 a month. That means I'm better off focusing on pulling in the audience that wants that ebook and to do that I focus on the content that will continue to bring in that particular audience. Now I'm focused less on traffic because I know I just need certain people to come to my blog instead of everyone.

I'm more focused on making sure I'm converting visitors to subscribers and subscribers to buyers.

So when people are confused about who to write to and what topics to tackle it's usually because they don't know where they are going in the future. It's quite possible you come up with a personal development product later on that has nothing to do with bullet journals and what will happen is that you'll stop writing about bullet journals and focus more of your content around whatever your product is based on.