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How do I convince readers to buy what I'm selling?!

Updated: July 13, 2018

This is a question of the week, taken directly from the BBC Slack Community

Scrivs: The question you're asking is how do you get the person in the mindset of buying that pattern. Getting them to feel like they need that pattern.

What problem does buying the pattern solve?

Amanda: For one, they can print it out and keep it handy without having to check back again.

And have it for another day

Scrivs: There you go

Nobody wants to bookmark a page with the pattern you want so why not always have it with you? Purchase blah blah blah

That can be worded much better but hopefully you get the idea

I'm sure the product is low price so free doesn't mean shit to people if it's just a couple of dollars

Amanda: If I change my wording and make my first sale @Scrivs , I'll buy you a beer.

Scrivs: How much does the pattern cost?

Amanda: I put it up at $1!

Scrivs: Well now you have another problem If you're online and browsing the web are you going to whip out your wallet just to buy something for a $1?

You're in the bedroom and the wallet is in the kitchen

Is this pattern life changing enough to get you to go grab that wallet?