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What do I need to do to be GDPR Compliant?

Updated: June 11, 2018

Review all of your third party service providers (e-mail service, social share plug ins, etc) to make sure they have addressed GDPR.

Make sure your email opt ins have a checkbox to click for subscribers to express consent. It cannot be pre-ticked.

Wherever you collect email addresses, make sure you use easy to understand language regarding what you plan to do with the email addresses. For example:
“I consent to receive emails about: ___________”.

Update your privacy policy to reflect GDPR. The latest version of Wordpress has one available to you under Settings - Privacy

Update Google Analytics privacy settings to anonymize their data. GA has instructions on how to do this. If you use the Webkinder Analytics plugin that Scrivs uses, you can simply check the anonymize traffic checkbox.

If you use affiliate links with cookies, you will need to disclose that you use cookies. This plug in will take care of that: Cookie Consent

If you are using Mediavine ads, you will need to provide them a link to your updated privacy policy (you do this through your Mediavine dashboard) and there is also a setting that needs to be updated. They sent an email about that 5/23. If you are using another ad service, review their requirements.

Comments and contact forms will also need a check box if someone is required to enter their personal information. Check the service you are using to see if they have made the appropriate updates.

If you are selling products, you can only collect necessary data and use a disclaimer box at checkout to let them know how you will use that information. Do not store e-mail addresses collected at checkout and use it to market to the customer without explicit consent.