The Origin Story

My first online business started off as a blog. I didn't really see the blog as a business but that is exactly what it was.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go back to the beginning.

Growing up I always wanted to do something cool or that makes a lot of money.

Preferably both.

I wanted to be all of the following at some point in my life:

  • Astronaut (Space Shuttle blowing up killed that one)
  • Doctor
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Professional Soccer Player
  • Zoologist
  • Marine Biologist
  • Astronomer
  • Comic Book Artist

Not once did entrepreneur enter the equation because I didn't know that was a possibility for someone like me. Hell, I didn't know that was a thing.

I grew up lower middle-class. We didn't have much. My Mom worked room service at a hotel and my Dad worked at a dairy. I was always told that if you wanted to be something you had to go to college and get a fancy degree.

However, this was before the Internet was starting to get its groove on.

The Internet changed everything but only for those whose eyes were open.

The Nervous Nerd

I was always on the computer, even before the World Web Web became a thing because when I was 6 I asked for a Nintendo and my parents and grandparents got me a computer instead.

So I did all I could on the computer.

The World Wide Web (I'll just say Internet from now on but I'm trying to be technically accurate) was my home. I loved the fact that I could learn anything that I wanted to and that everybody was creating something.

When I graduated college I got a job as a headhunter helping people find jobs. But I hated talking to people on the phone.

I'd get nervous and not know what to say. It was a disaster. I told my boss I could build her a website after I caught her talking about one. That got me off of the phones.

I didn't know shit about building a website but I knew the Internet could quickly teach me. I started doing research and I always came across blogs where people were teaching you how to do certain design techniques.

I absolutely LOVED the idea of someone learning something and then sharing their knowledge with the world so I figured I would start a blog as I learned about blogging.

Little did I know I had a knack for writing and sharing my opinion.

One day, a bigger blogger came across my stuff, linked to me ,and then I had 1000s of people coming to my site each month.

These were people I didn't know and they were from all around the world. They loved what I was doing and I loved what I was doing.

A New York Cat

One day this guy in New York emails me and says that he wants a website designed and asks what my rates were.

Hold on a second. Rates? Website designed?


And that's when I realized the true potential of the online world and having an audience. It all started with me sharing my opinion on something that I was learning and it led to me potentially getting paid for something that I didn't even know if I could do.

It was time to become an entrepreneur.