No Party, No Fun

I've never been one to lack for ideas. I come up with ideas for new businesses almost every hour it seems.

I used to be way worse about it when I was younger because I didn't have a filter.

If I had an idea for a business then it was a great idea for a business.

I would start some of these businesses (more like side projects that I hoped became businesses) and then after a couple of weeks or months they would fizzle out and I would look for the next thing.

It wasn't a good look.

In fact, it was a pretty crappy cycle that caused me to waste years of my life. I wasn't learning and I wasn't making progress on anything and one of the main reasons for that was because I wasn't getting any type of traffic.

I don't mean a lot of traffic. I mean ANY TRAFFIC.

It's pretty hard to stay motivated when nobody is coming to see what you've created.

It sucks.

You think you've done something awesome and yet all you get are crickets. Actually, you don't even get crickets because with crickets at least you'd have an audience.

I went through the same thing with my site Thrive/Strive.

It's a site that I work on with my wife and brother and after 90 days our combined traffic was diddly and squat.

That's 1,195 pageviews in 90 days. Basically a pageview every other hour.

Because I was working with other people that were relying on my knowledge of business to push us through I knew I couldn't give up but my brother was feeling discouraged.

He had never been through the cycle of putting work into something that you are interested in only to find out that nobody else is interested in it.

If I wasn't around to keep on encouraging him he definitely would've thrown in the towel. Thankfully, one day something happened.

People came to visit and it was for a post that I never knew stood a chance of getting traffic.

That's when I learned the most valuable lesson of content creation and generating traffic:

Write content that people are searching for.