I always loved the idea of a Manifesto. A document that basically says we live or die by these words.

A bond to the people you are speaking to.

I don’t think enough companies in this world are capable of writing manifestos because they follow the almighty dollar.

Instead of taking a second to see the problems that their audience are struggling with, they look to see what new tricks will make them another dollar.

It’s why you get email after email after email trying to sell you something.

It’s why you buy something one week and it is on sale the next.

It’s why nobody gets back to you when you reach out for some help with the thing you just bought.

I’m gonna put it out there and lay out the manifesto for Dare to Conquer.

Let’s go.

I believe that everyone deserves the chance to achieve the lifestyle they dream about.

Everyone has the ability to showcase their value to the world and be rewarded for it.

Dare to Conquer is about helping you magnify that value because you deserve to be heard. The world deserves to be awarded with the value that you will offer.

Dare to Conquer has things to sell but it isn’t about selling to you.

Dare to Conquer needs money like any business to grow but it isn’t about money through any means possible.

Dare to Conquer is about being an example of running the type of business that you can be proud of. One that can be an example of respecting the lives of your audience while also achieving the goals that you’ve set.

Dare to Conquer is about helping you be the best you.

That sounds cheesy as hell but that’s okay. You gotta be, who you gotta be.