How to Make Money From Home

Let’s get right down to it.

This isn’t the first post on how to make money from home and it won’t be the last post. However, it will be different from the ones before and the ones that come after.


Well, my goal is to actually help you think about the potential you have with making money from home.

I want you to think beyond the simplistic stuff.

You can find a million ways to make extra money at home. But if I’m being honest, a lot of those ways are just quick fix things.

You won’t want to do them long term unless you have some magical robot ability that allows you to turn off any joy sensors in your brain.

Seriously, how many online surveys can you fill out before you throw your computer out the window?

And if you throw your computer out the window then you probably have to work outside of your home just to save up money to buy a new computer to work from home again.

What a vicious cycle.

Let’s try to avoid that.

So if you want to make money from home long term what exactly do you need to do?

Well, you need to understand business and you’re in luck because I’m going to teach you about business!

That’s right, forget paying 6-figures for a business education. You’re going to get what you need to learn right here in this post.

Definitely your lucky day.

So are you ready to begin?

Let’s go.

How to Make Money?

This is where it all starts. Every single business has to ask how they are going to make money because, without money, there isn’t much of a business.

This is where people get tripped up because it’s kind of a useless question.

It’s similar to me asking you how can I make money and you tell me to go sell some drugs.

I can tell you a ton of different ways to make money from home but what you’re doing then is making a little money for yourself and a lot of money for someone else.

You want to reverse that ratio so you make most of the money and for that to happen you need to understand why people give other people money.

Think about it.

If you knew why people give other people (businesses) money then wouldn’t that make it easier for you to make money?

I think so.

So why do people give other people money?

Because they believe that the perceived value that they will receive will make them feel better than they presently do.

Do you want to spend money on a new computer after you throw it out the window? You do not but you feel terrible for not being able to make money from home so you spend money on a new computer so you don’t have to feel terrible any more.

With this knowledge, you can begin to see why me and probably hundreds of thousands of other people are able to make money from home.

So to answer your question on how to truly make money from the answer is that you need to start a business that offers its audience some type of value in which they are willing to pay for.

That sounds a bit more complicated than it really is so let’s continue to dive deep into this.

How My Wife Made Money Walking Dogs

Once upon a time my wife owned a dog walking business and was making anywhere between $4,000 – $7,000 a month.

You might think that there is nothing special about a dog walking business.

You tell people you will walk their dogs and they will pay you.

Sure, some people do that but if you really want to get people to pay you to walk their dogs then you need to figure out what they really value.

For example, do they feel guilty that their dog has to sit at home all day while they are at work?

If so, you could help them get rid of that guilt by walking their dogs during the day. You could even send them pictures of the walk and inform them of how the walk went.

That completely removes the guilt that the owner has and even makes them feel happy that their dog gets to experience that daily.

You see, the person isn’t really paying you to walk their dog. They are paying you to get rid of the guilt that they feel about their dog.

Dog owners that don’t feel guilty about such things have no problem keeping their dogs locked up so you shouldn’t even try to market to them.

How Virtual Assistants Make Money Working From Home

One way to make money from home is by offering your services as a virtual assistant. This can entail a lot of things and I always get offers for people to be my virtual assistant (I don’t need any more help but thanks for offering).

Most people that email me about their services go about it the wrong way. They simply email me to tell me about their services.

Okay, so what.

This only works if they catch me at the right time and I happen to be looking for someone that is offering those exact services.

If I’m not then I’m not going to be interested.

However, could they make me interested?


They would just need to sell me on the feeling that I would get if they handle some of my tasks for me.

For example, I have someone design my pins for me.


I could do them myself but I hate doing them and I hate the feeling that I could be doing more important things.

So I hired someone else to do them and now I don’t have to experience the dread of creating pins and I feel great that I get to work on other things instead.

That’s how my virtual assistant makes money from me.

Why Bloggers Make Money

Before you start thinking that blogging sounds like a silly way to make money from home I need you to read Blogging Is Dead.

I have a course on blogging that has helped hundreds of bloggers scale their blogs up to over $1,000-a-month so it’s silly to think that blogging can’t make you money.

The important thing to understand is why bloggers make money.

How is irrelevant for this discussion because there are many ways to make money blogging, but bloggers make money when they’re able to develop an audience.

Depending on the revenue stream it doesn’t have to be a large audience, it just has to be an audience.

And I’m not talking about getting any type of person to your site.

For example, the people that come here that are looking for get rich quick money schemes are a waste of my time. I sometimes wish I could have a pop-up on this site upon entry where it asks you if you want to make money quick.

If you check yes then it sends you to some State’s lottery page.

However, if people that are interested in building a long-term business from anywhere in the world come here, I’d like the opportunity to talk to them.

If a blogger is making a lot of money from ads it’s because they have a large audience that is visiting their site.

If a blogger is making a lot of money from affiliate marketing, services, or their own products it’s because they have an audience (of varying sizes) that trusts them.

It always comes down to the audience and the revenue stream.

Get that combination right and you’re looking pretty good with your business.

When I explained how to start a business with no money, the whole premise is that you’re able to build an audience. If you can build an audience that is paying attention to you, then you can make money.

Blogging works because the content that you create acts as marketing to attract an audience. Blogging doesn’t work just because you decided to sit down and write.

You could call this a blog but this site and courses within it are not about blogging. This blog is housed on a business site. The purpose of me writing this post is to grab your attention and hopefully keep it for a bit.

The more I can keep your attention the better my chances of making money.

Making Money From Home

So when you’re thinking of ways to make money from home and you’re hoping to find a solution that lasts long-term, you need to think about how you can build up an audience where you can offer them something of value.

If the perceived value of what you’re offering them is great enough to make them think it will improve their feelings, you’ll make good money.

If the value is just enough to where it gets them to visit, then you can still make money with ads which isn’t a bad thing at all and in fact is a great start to building confidence with a business.

If that’s the route you want to take then I suggest you look into my course Blog Revenue Engines.

If you’re looking to build the type of business that can scale up to $100,000-a-year then check out the other content on this site and consider signing up for the $100k Climb.