Make Money Blogging

If you’re reading this then you know you can make money blogging.

That’s a good start.

However, you might’ve seen other bloggers talking about making $10,000 a month or more and that’s where things seem unrealistic.

But it’s not really.

Don’t worry, I’m going to explain all of this shortly, but first things first.

I Hate the Terms Blogging and Blogger


Because they are limiting.

When you think of a blogger do you think of an entrepreneur?

I don’t.

I think of someone that wakes up every single day chasing page views. Someone that is wondering how much more content they need to push out. Someone that often questions who they are writing for.

And that’s understandable because the rules of being a successful blogger can be slightly different than the rules for running a successful business.

To be a successful “blogger” you’re solely focused on content. Everything revolves around content.

Write more content. Get more page views. Hope the ad RPM continues to go up.

You leave your 9-5 and jump right into another.


An entrepreneur sees things a bit differently.

An entrepreneur is looking for a customer. They know that customer isn’t everybody.

That customer is a single person and their goal is to get that single person to their site and to buy their products or services.

If they can do it once, then they can do it thousands or millions of times again.

It becomes like a conveyor belt of business.

All they are doing is focusing their energy on serving a very specific person.

That person just happens to represent thousands upon thousands of people and those people are desperate to find solutions to their problems.

And guess what?

The entrepreneur has that solution.

More importantly, the entrepreneur asks a questions that a blogger never even considers.

Why do people give other people money?