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Dare to Conquer

I want you to imagine this stupid scenario. Imagine you go off to college to become an accountant. You get accepted into the school and then you take your first semester of classes.

You learn some things but you know there is a ton more stuff you need to learn so you go to register for next semester's classes but find that your school doesn't offer a second semester.

Instead, they tell you to go to another school.

Once you finish that school then you have to go another school!

That sounds completely idiotic, right?

Well, that's how the how to make money niche seems to work. You need to bounce around to 30 different sites to hopefully gain all of the knowledge necessary to build the successful business you want.

Dare to Conquer is the opposite of that.

DTC is all about me (Scrivs) sharing every single thing that I know about building a successful business.

I do this through a number of different ways and you can access all of them through this page.

Lifetime access. I learn something new, I share it with you, and you grow even more.


The beauty of the Dare to Conquer is that once you join, you join for life. You won't have to worry about paying for the next version or when a new course is added.

It's the ultimate pay once, learn forever online business resource.


The current enrollment price is $500 for a lifetime membership. That's as much as a single course cost on most sites and even less than other courses!

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If this awesome sales page hasn't enticed you enough then why don't you go through one of my free bootcamps to get a better feel for how I do things.

What is inside

Currently, when you purchase a DTC Membership you will get access to both DTC and the Billionaire Blog Club.

The reason why is because I'm slowly moving over all BBC assets to DTC but I'm doing it from the ground up.

Between both sites you'll find courses on:

  • Pinterest
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing

You'll also find Challenges and Journeys that will guide you through launching a blog, getting a 1,000 subscribers, and earning your first $1,000.

More importantly you'll gain access to the DTC Slack Community where you can ask me personally questions when they enter your mind. You'll also get answers from 1,200+ people that live around the world and are taking the same journey as you.

It is an experience like no other.