The Payment Plan

Maybe you want to join DTC but the full payment is out of your reach. Because of this I've decided to offer Payment Plans on a limited basis. You get full access to everything DTC right from the get go so there are no restrictions.

Payment Options

There are 3 options and all 3 are limited to 30 sign-ups.

  • $100 a month, 9 total payments
  • $150 a month, 5 total payments
  • $200 a month, 3 total payments

You pay, you keep access. You don't pay, access is removed so please only consider these options if you know you can make a payment each month for the life of the payment plan.

Once you pay in full there will be no more payments and your lifetime access to DTC will remain.

Join the Party

Member Information

Email for your receipt and logging into the member's area.
Password you will use to log into the member's area.

Payment Information

Please, only click the button once.

If this awesome sales page hasn't enticed you enough then why don't you go through one of my free bootcamps to get a better feel for how I do things.

What is inside

Currently, when you purchase a DTC Membership you will get access to both DTC and the Billionaire Blog Club.

The reason why is because I'm slowly moving over all BBC assets to DTC but I'm doing it from the ground up.

Between both sites you'll find courses on:

  • Pinterest
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing

You'll also find Challenges and Journeys that will guide you through launching a blog, getting a 1,000 subscribers, and earning your first $1,000.

More importantly you'll gain access to the DTC Slack Community where you can ask me personally questions when they enter your mind. You'll also get answers from 1,200+ people that live around the world and are taking the same journey as you.

It is an experience like no other.