How to Make Money?

It’s a simple question.

How do you make money?

Obviously, there are a ton of different ways to make money.

However, I want to focus on how to make money online because that’s what this site is all about and making money online offers you the potential to make UNLIMITED money because you can reach unlimited people.

Yes, I consider 7 billion (the population of Earth) people as unlimited.

So how do you make money online?

It’s a reasonable question to ask but I think it’s a question that is a waste of time and the reason why is because everyone is going to have an answer that they prefer to give.

I could say ads, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, product creation, an online agency or about 99 other things.

That’s great but that usually just leads to frustration because then if you choose one of those things and you don’t make money you come back to the question of how do OTHERS make money online?

Obviously you don’t want to get stuck in that position. It’s a repeat cycle that sucks.

So what do you do?

You ask the right question.

I’m not going to make you go digging for the right question. You don’t have time for that.

The right question is simply:

Why do people give other people money?

Think about it.

If you understood why someone gives someone else money then you could replicate that.

If you could replicate that then you have yourself a system that allows you to make as much money as you want.

The problem is people get stuck on that answer.

If you really think about it, does it make sense to work on a business if you can’t answer that question?

It similar to not being able to answer the question of how do you prevent yourself from drowning when jumping in the ocean.

Most people just jump and assume they will figure it out.

While I am all about just diving in I do want to make sure I understand at least the fundamentals of something.

Being able to answer the question why do people give other people money is the most fundamental question that any entrepreneur should be able to answer.

And yet looking at how many failed businesses there are it’s obvious there aren’t that many people that can answer the question.

Dare to Conquer’s purpose is to help you answer that question and then act on that answer.

Yes, the big headline is helping you build a $100,000-a-year business in 18 months but that isn’t possible if I can’t help you answer the question.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up to get the answer. I’ll tell you right now.

People give other people money because they believe it will create a feeling that is better than the one they currently have.

If you can remember that then you’ll:

  • create content that people crave
  • send emails that people must read
  • make products that people need to have in their lives

All because you’re able to understand that people only buy things when they think it will help them achieve a better feeling than the one they have now.

That is how we make all of our purchasing decisions.

Logic kicks in only at one point.

When we want to justify our emotional decisions.

Look, I wish I could tell you it’s about dropshipping or affiliate marketing or blogging or some other thing that these gurus sell you on.

But it’s not.

To make unlimited money only you simply have to understand how people feel and then promise them that whatever they buy from you will provide them with a better feeling.

And when you consider that people will always have feelings they don’t want to keep, then you can see that selling to these people gives you an opportunity to make an unlimited amount of money.

The problem is understanding how they feel.

That’s the premise behind all that I do here at Dare to Conquer. If you’re ready to dive deeper and understand all of my thoughts behind building a 6-figure business then I suggest you sign up for my free Year-Long Business Email School.

Terrible name.

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