Ch 5. The Content

Content is King.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with this statement or not because if your content sucks then your blog sucks.

You can have the world’s greatest design and the most winning personality but if your content isn’t up to snuff people won’t care.

The success of your blog begins and ends with the content that you have and that is why it is important that you understand not only what type of content you are going to write, but also how to write powerful blog posts.

The Goal of Your Content

What is the goal of your content?

There are a couple of different answers to this question and they are all correct because each page on your blog has a different purpose.

1. Converts People to Your Mailing List

One of the major goals of your blog is to build your mailing list.

The money is in the mailing list.

Building up your mailing list (as you’ll see in another section) allows you have direct communication with your audience.

If your content isn’t converting people to your mailing list then it should be making people open their wallets for you.

2. Builds Authority

Before you start to sell any products or services you need to establish authority. That is when people look at you as the source for your topic.

If you have a course on dog training then your content better show that you are the source for dog training.

Establishing authority can be as simple as writing content that is actionable and helpful.

3. Solves a Problem

When people visit your blog they are doing so because they have a problem and your blog post is promising to solve that problem.

The problem could be trying to figure out how to bake lasagna or how many times a day you should feed your fish.

People are in search of solutions and so your content should provide them with the solution.

That means it needs to be actionable.

Making Your Content Actionable

I used to have a bad habit of writing nothing but theory and opinion.

My very first blog was about web design and every single post I wrote had to do with an opinion that I had on web design. People loved it because it was different from what they were used to.

The problem with this approach was that after a while you start to run out of opinions.

Also, opinion-based content isn’t evergreen. Opinions can change and not many people search for someone’s opinion on something in Google.

The first time someone encounters your blog they should find an immediate solution to a problem.

You’re on this page and reading this content because you want to know what it takes to write great content of your own. If waste your time just talking about the beauty of great content then you won’t be too happy.

I have to show you what makes great content and how to produce some of your own. Otherwise what is the point of you being here?

If I’m able to do a good job of showing you how to write good content then the odds of you exploring more of the site or coming back later increase.

Do you recommend restaurants to your friends that have terrible service and bad food? Of course not!

Making your content actionable doesn’t always mean you have to give instructions on how to do something. Just by telling people how you did it and sharing your experience can be enough.

If I told you I made $500 with my blog this month that isn’t very helpful. If I showed you how I did it then the value of the content increases 10x. If I showed you how I did it and then gave you steps on how you can reproduce the results then the value of the content increases 100x.

What Type of Content Should You Write

You’ve probably come across posts that show you 37 different blog post ideas you can write about.

I’m going to simplify it for you and let you know that when you are just getting started their are only 5 types of content you should be writing.

  1. Extensive List Posts
  2. Ego Bait
  3. How-Tos
  4. Round Ups

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