So you’re sitting down at the computer.

You have your Why.

You know your audience’s problems.

You share their worldviews.

You have a list of topic ideas.

It’s time to create content.

Wait, what? What about setting up a site and all of the technical stuff?

You don’t need to do that right off the bat. Instead, I like to write content before I even touch a website.

The reason why is because it lets me know if this audience is for me. If I’m creating content that I feel will resonate with people then I know I can proceed with my idea.

If the content isn’t flowing or I’m not liking any aspect of it, then it’s just not for me.

This has happened a number of times.

I once tried to start a travel site but nothing really happened with it because every time I created a piece of content, it felt generic. It wasn’t me and if I can’t have a connection with the content that I’m creating, then how can I expect my audience to have a connection with it?

So instead of wasting time getting a site set up, finding or building a theme, adding plugins and doing all of that other stuff, I begin to write.

I don’t have to finish the content. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

I just want to see if I have a connection with it.

What happens to a lot of people is that they find an audience that they believe is lucrative and so they create a site around that audience. After 3 months they realize they hate working on the site and they don’t know what to do.

You don’t want to be caught in that situation.

While I love making money, I never want to make money and be unhappy doing it. If that’s the case, I might as well get a job so I can limit my hours and get benefits.

All of this sounds good but how do you go about writing the content?

To get off to the best start I suggest you only focus on 3 content archetypes.

  1. How-tos
  2. Why
  3. Lists

That’s it.

I only create content that follows one of these 3 archetypes because these are the 3 that work the best.

People love how-tos because they show them how to accomplish something.

People love posts explaining something (Why) because they want to understand.

People love lists because shiny objects are always cool.

For me, there is no other archetype that is worth following. If you stick to those 3, then you are golden.

I don’t have a set number of posts I write before I launch a site. You can get by with one post if you feel it’s the one that is going to work for you.

You can wait until you have 50 posts (that would be crazy).

It’s your call.

The only thing that matters is consistency.