Instead of talking about your Why it will be easier for you to watch a video from the guy who sparked the whole concept, Simon Sinek:

Of course, there is a book as well that will help you dive deeper into the concept.

Every time I start a new business nothing happens until I come up with the Why. The Why is the North Star.

It guides the direction of everything that I do.

Without the Why for DTC I wouldn’t have created this framework and made it public.

Coming up with a Why doesn’t slow you down. Coming up with a Why propels you forward faster because you’re no longer worrying about if a decision is the right one. Instead, you just look at your Why and your Why will tell you if it’s the correct move to make.

Should I create a framework that anybody can use to build a successful business and make it public? Content that many people hide behind a paywall and make you pay for?

[Checks Why…]

Yep, that’s exactly what I should do.

Your Exercise

Develop your Why. The shorter and more concise, the better. Your goal isn’t to try and be comprehensive with as many words as possible. The goal is to get your point across.

The Why should have an emotional pull to it.

And it can evolve over time.