The 3 Systems

Over the years I’ve started a number of successful online sites across different niches.

I’ve definitely started more failures but this guide isn’t about how to fail at an online business.

I started these sites for a couple of reasons:

  1. I like experimenting and trying different things
  2. I had to see if I could replicate my success

I’m sure you understand the first point, but the second point is what a lot of people seem to miss.

There are a number of people that start a business, make it successful and believe they understand how to create a successful business.

The reality is that the first success usually happens through a lot of errors and a little bit of luck.

If you can replicate that over and over again then why wouldn’t you? Most don’t because they aren’t sure if they can do it again.

I had to make sure.

What I found is that every single business had a couple of things in common.

While I didn’t follow the exact same strategy each time, that didn’t mean they were so different that I didn’t understand what was happening.

Instead, I began to see that there was a general formula that these businesses and ones started by others were following. For the longest time, I kept the formula really simple:

Provide the value that people want + Promote that value to the people that want it = Success

While I love the simplicity of this formula, it doesn’t say much about how to accomplish the success that you want.

I still needed to come up with a framework that if I handed it off to one of my employees or DTC members, they could follow it and see the same type of success.

It wasn’t until I started to work on a Sales Funnel course that it all came together.

All of the Things

While working on the Sales Funnel course I realized that it was hard to talk about many parts of a sales funnel without also bringing up other things that weren’t necessarily directly related to sales funnels.

For instance, sales funnels don’t work well without some traffic. But how do you get traffic? You can either buy ads or you can create content.

Okay, how do you create content?

Okay, now that you’ve created content how do you promote it?

Okay, now that you’ve promoted it how do you keep people around?

Okay, now that you’re keeping people around how do you really make money?

As you can see, it feels like a never ending cycle of things that you need to do and that really isn’t the case. It seems like it but there isn’t an endless amount of stuff.

It’s just a lot of stuff and if you don’t know what you’re looking for you can end up trapped.

Let’s say you come across someone talking about how much traffic they get from Pinterest. It sounds great so you go off and purchase a Pinterest course. You do everything that the Pinterest course tells you to but your business still isn’t a success.

Sure, you get some traffic but why aren’t people sticking around? Why aren’t you making the money that you thought you would once your Pinterest game was working?

It’s because there are other components that need to be in place.

If you’re just working on Pinterest then you’re actually only working within a single system of the bigger framework.

Successful businesses work on all 3 systems and they don’t stop.

Oh, sorry, I haven’t talked about the 3 systems yet so let’s do that.

The 3 Systems

The whole basis of the DTC Business Framework revolves around 3 systems:

  1. Acquisition
  2. Relationship
  3. Reward

While each system functions independently, they all find ways to work together to make the whole framework come together.

The whole purpose of this resource that you’re reading now is to help you understand each of the systems and with that understanding, you’ll know what areas you need to tackle for your business.

But before any of that happens we need to talk about your business or your business idea.

To get off on the right foot you need feet to begin with.

Actually, let’s bring it back even further and dive into mindset because if you don’t have the right mindset, you won’t make it far at all.