One of the toughest decisions that I had to make with regards to this framework is that I can’t offer free support.

DTC is already a community of 1400 entrepreneurs that get my support year-round. To offer support to every single person that reads this framework would mean that I have no life.

So, unfortunately, you can send me questions that you have, but I can’t promise that I’ll respond. This isn’t meant to diminish the importance of your question or the want I have to answer it.

It just comes down to time.

So, if you do email me and I don’t respond, please don’t get upset. I definitely read every email that I come across and if you have a suggestion for this framework, then please let me know about it.

I love suggestions.

I’m also terrible at proofreading (no, I don’t need your proofreading services) so if you find some mistakes do not hesitate to send them my way as well.

All communications can go through