Introduction to the DTC Business Framework

I was always fascinated by people that could make money online.

For the longest time it seemed like some kind of magic. How could any individual get things started and make enough money to quit their job and live the life that they want?

It was possible because I was seeing people doing it but it always seemed like it was kind of out of reach for me.

Until I did it.

Then I did it again with another site.

And again with another.

This whole online business thing was starting to make sense!

Unfortunately, when others began to ask me how I did it I would give vague answers, not because I was trying to be coy, but because I didn’t have a system fully fleshed out in my head.

It’s like working with a recipe that you know by heart, but couldn’t tell others how to create. You don’t even need to measure anything because you just have a feeling for the right amount of stuff to be in it.

That sounds cool, but it can be a real pain when you’re trying to help out others.

One day I was working on the Sales Funnel Course in DTC and it finally hit me. I saw how all of the pieces were coming together to build an online business that you love.

This guide to the DTC Business Framework is me sharing with you what I’ve found.

It’s important to consider this a living document, meaning that it will grow until I feel it is complete.

And even then I’ll probably continue to add stuff to it. However, for now, it’s definitely going to have stuff added to it daily until it is at a point I can relax a little bit with it.

It’s free for you so take advantage of it. I hope that it helps to clarify what this whole online business journey is all about.

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