Dare to Conquer...


The Ultimate Google Mastery Course

You already know how much of a pain in the ass it can be to understand SEO. Keywords, SEO tools, links, and jibjabs. Okay, jibjabs aren't an SEO thing but you wouldn't know that unless you truly understood SEO.

The one question you have to ask yourself now is how much traffic are you missing out on because you don't understand how to get the most out of SEO?

This is why the Dare to Conquer: SEO course exists because you shouldn't have to ask that question. Instead, you should be able to look at new areas of growth for your business.

It’s time to get started now because search engine traffic isn’t going wait around until you are ready.

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What Is Inside

Module 1: About SEO
1 What Is SEO?
2 Why You Want to Be on Google
3 It's All About Intent
4 T.A.R
Module 2: Keywords
1 What is a keyword?
2 The 3 Different Types of Keywords
3 Discovering Keywords: Intent
4 Discovering Keywords: Audience Insights
5 Discovering Keywords: Ubersuggest
6 Discovering Keywords: Competitive Analysis
7 LSI Keywords
Module 3: How Google Works
1 Introduction of Spam
2 Ranking Factor: Overall Content Relevance
3 Ranking Factor: Clickthrough Rate
4 Ranking Factor: Time On Site
5 Ranking Factor: HTTPS
6 Ranking Factor: Backlinks
7 Ranking Factor: Social Media Activity
8 Ranking Factor: Usability
9 How Long Does It Take to Rank
Module 4: On-Page SEO
1 How to Structure Your Site
2 Optimizing Your Content
3 Decreasing Page Load Speed
4 Increasing Usability
5 Mobile Support
Module 5: Link Building
1 What Are Links?
2 What to Avoid in Link Building
3 Link Building Strategy: Interviews
4 Link Building Strategy: Round Up Posts with Experts
5 Link Building Strategy: Guest Posts
6 Link Building Strategy: Pinterest
Module 6: Google Analytics
1 Why Analytics?
2 Common Terms Explained
3 How to Use Analytics
4 What Is Google Search Console?
Module 7: SEO Workflow: New Content
1 Why Have a Workflow?
2 Brand Builder vs Keyword Chaser
3 Talented Underachiever
4 Keyword Tracker
5 UberSuggest Keyword Research
6 Hub & Spoke Pages
7 Competitor Keyword Research
8 Choosing a Silo
9 Choosing Content + Keywords
10 Content Preparation
11 Writing the Content