Feel Good Funnels

Learn How Passive Income Is Really Made

It's like you've unlocked a hidden treasure. Currently, this course is in its BETA stage meaning it's not 100% complete yet, but in its current form it's still going to help you create a sales funnel that will automate sales and help you feel good about helping your audience.

Because you're ready to take action now, if you purchase this course you'll also get access to 6-Figure Product Creation as well.

That product sales automation lifestyle is just around the corner.

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What is inside the course?

Module 1: The Joys of Passive Income
1 Welcome
2 What You Owe to Them
3 Sales Funnels
4 Your Funnel, Your Audience, Your Feelings
5 Building Relationships
6 Authenticity
7 Consistent Upfront Value
Module 2: Your Audience of One
1 The One Person You Will Sell to
2 Profiling and Understanding the One
3 Unlocking the One
4 The Journey From A to B
5 Audience Phases
Module 3: Storyselling Sequences
1 The Impact of Storytelling
2 Sequential Storytelling
3 One-Time Sequences
4 Keeping Their Attention: the Cliffhanger
5 Choose a Side, Pick an Enemy
6 The Hidden Treasure
Module 4: Segmenting Your Audience
1 Choose Their Adventure
2 The Power of Targeting
3 Opt-ins and Segmenting
4 Hunters vs Ghosts
5 Niche Matters
Module 5: The Basic Storyselling Sequence
1 Overview
2 Opt-ins the Right Way
3 Storyselling the Core Offer
4 The Return Path
Module 6: Advanced Storyselling Sequence
1 Overview
2 The Tripwire
3 Profit Maximizers