6-Figure Product Creation

Take your business to the 6-figure level

It's like you've unlocked a hidden treasure. Currently, this course is in its BETA stage meaning it's not 100% complete yet, but in its current form it's still going to help you create a 6-figure product for your audience.

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That product sales automation lifestyle is just around the corner.

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What is inside the course?

Module 1: Learning Rules the World
1 Introduction
2 The Money-Making Expert Mindset
3 Why People Pay for Information
4 The Promise That Your Product Makes
5 The Hero's Journey and Transformation
Module 2: Finding a Product Idea
1 The Market of One
2 Using Reddit to Research Ideas
Module 3: Creating the Product
1 Outlining the Journey
2 Types of Info Products
3 The Welcome Party
4 The Meat of the Product
5 The Parting Gift
Module 4: Selling Your Product
1 Selling on Clarity
2 Pricing Your Product
3 The Money Back Guarantee