Dating Pinterest

Increase the traffic to your site with the power of free Pinterest marketing

You don’t want to throw a party where nobody comes. That is how most sites feel with no traffic. Pinterest is that one person who seems to be friends with everyone and can get them to show up at the drop of a dime.

But to do well with Pinterest you can't just show up and do stuff. You have to have a strategy behind it all and you need to be able to adapt that strategy when Pinterest makes a change.

That is why Dare to Conquer: Pinterest is an ever-evolving course. I spend my time growing multiple sites with Pinterest and that requires testing different strategies and tools all of the time.

If you're ready to get people to your party and learn what I've learned, then let's get started.

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What is inside the course?

Module 1: About Pinterest
1 Ups and Downs of Pinterest
2 Your Niche & Pinterest
3 Why Pinterest
4 What Pinterest Wants
5 Your Content
6 The Smart Homefeed
7 Pinterest SEO
8 Pinterest Search
9 Pinterest Followers
Module 2: Profile Setup
1 Pinterest & Your Brand
2 Setting Up a Business Account
3 Your Profile
4 Your Boards
5 Group Boards
Module 3: Pins That Wins
1 What Pins Work
2 Anatomy of Great Pin Design
3 Pin Titles & Descriptions
4 Finding Stock Photography
5 Setting Up Rich Pins
6 Designing Pins in Canva
7 Designing Pins in Sketch
Module 4: Pinterest & Your Site
1 Your Goals
2 The Site Experience
3 Using Images Wisely
4 Pinterest WordPress Plugins
Module 5: Pinning Strategies
1 Pinning Principles
2 Getting Your Pins Onto Pinterest
3 Manual Pinning vs Scheduled Pinning
Module 6: Manual Pinning Workflow
1 More About Manual Pinning
2 Tracking
3 New Pins: Hub/Source Boards
4 New Pins: Spoke Boards
5 New Pins: Review
6 Active Pins: Pinterest Analytics & Notifications
7 Active Pins: Google Analytics
Module 7: Using Tailwind
1 Why Tailwind?
2 Setting Up Your Account
3 The Scheduler & Board Lists
4 Batch Scheduling
5 Tribes
6 Tailwind Analytics
Module 8: Analytics
1 Pinterest Analytics