Content Creation Cocktail

Bring people in and keep them around with your content

It's hard to have any success with an online business if you don't do a good job creating content that people find valuable.

The content can't just be valuable. It has to be the right stuff for the right people, but how do you make that happen?

DTC: Content Creation, walks you through everything that I do to write content that attracts an audience, gets them to sign up and keeps them around.

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What is inside the course?

Module 1: About Content
1 Value & Marketing
2 WIIFM and Sides
3 Enjoy the Process
Module 2: About Your Audience
1 Who Cares About Them?
2 Content Empathy Exercises
Module 3: Content Planning
1 Let Others Do the Work
2 Social Media Content vs Search Engine Content
3 The Skyscraper Technique
4 Google
5 Pinterest + YouTube
6 Where to Start
7 Consistency
Module 4: Content Creating
1 Creating Value
2 3 Content Archetypes
3 Scannability
4 Perfect Post Titles
5 The Post Structure
6 The Introduction
7 The Body
8 The Conclusion
9 Editing Your Content
Module 5: Content Marketing
1 What Is Content Marketing
2 Top of the Funnel
3 Middle of the Funnel
4 Bottom of the Funnel
5 Your Content + Sales Funnel
Module 6: Creating Viral Content
1 About Viral Content
2 Virality on Networks
3 Why People Share
4 Emotions are Contagious
5 Methods of Virality