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Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Passively Active Revenue Generating Course

Hm, I really need to find time to work on these sales page.

Ummmm...okay, this course will help you understand how to do effective affiliate marketing because it's much more than posting a link in a blog post and hoping for the best.

It is slowly being rolled out and will have all modules fully released by December 15th.

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What Is Inside

Module 1: About Affiliate Marketing
1 What Is Affiliate Marketing?
2 Why Affiliate Marketing?
Module 2: Effective Affiliate Marketing
1 CAT: You Better Have Some
2 Context
3 Authority
4 Trust
5 The Buyer's Lifecycle
6 The Best Traffic
Module 3: Affiliate Programs
1 How to Find Affiliate Programs
2 What to Look for in an Affiliate Program
3 How to Choose the Right Products to Promote
Module 4: The Technical Stuff
1 How Affiliate Links Work
2 Adding Affiliate Links to Your Site
3 Deep Linking
4 Adding Disclosures
Module 5: Affiliate Marketing Strategies
1 Reviews
2 How-tos
3 Resource Page
4 Gift Guides
5 Interviews