Write For Them

Whenever someone starts an online business and they use content marketing (blogging) to help that business grow, they fall into a fallacy that what they want to write about is exactly what people want to read about.

That's what we were doing with Thrive/Strive.

For example, I wrote I Ain't No Instagram Model because I was tired of people thinking fitness was based on the appearance of someone on Instagram.

I thought it was a brilliant post.

I loved writing it. It was the type of writing that I live for.

Look at the dates. June 1, 2016 - November 26, 2018. About 2.5 years and just 358 pageviews total.


In contrast, my wife wrote a post about Carbs. Before I tell you how that did let me tell you the background of this post.

Whenever we have an idea for a post we tell the others (at this time it's me, my wife, and my brother). My wife told me she was going to do a post about carbs and I nodded my head thinking it might help some people out.

My wife wanted to write it because she always had a problem understanding how carbs affected her weight loss and once she understood them, her life changed. She figured that others might have the same problem so she wanted to help.

This is exactly what it is all about.

My wife found a topic that people needed help on and she wrote about it. The thing is, we didn't research if people needed help, she went with her own experience and this is what a lot of people do.

Unfortunately, sometimes those experiences are too specific to their lives. If I write a post on how to fix a page curl in a 75-year old book, odds are it isn't going to get many views because it's a very specific problem for a very specific purpose.

However, anyone that wants to lose weight needs to understand the impact that carbs has on that goal.

This simple concept is literally what turned our fortunes around.

That single post did 329 pageviews in the first couple of days it was published. Nothing huge, but almost as many as my favorite post has done in 2.5 years.

We had been using Pinterest before to pin our content but now I realized that Pinterest could be used as a research tool to better understand our audience.

From there building traffic with Pinterest wasn't a problem.