Blogging Is Dead And I’m Glad

Did I write this headline to piss off all of the bloggers in the world?

I did not even though I know that is what is going to happen.

I’m writing this because I want to save the bloggers of the world.

Oh look at you, big shot trying to save blogging humanity.

Big, big man you are.

Okay, okay, settle down now.

Let’s get into this.

Every single day someone enters the world of blogging with the hopes of quitting their job or making enough side income that life becomes a lot easier.

These are great ambitions but if you see blogging as blogging then it probably isn’t going to work out for you.

In fact, I hate the terms blogging and blogger.

I think their dumb and nobody in their right mind should call themselves a blogger or let people know that blogging is their job.

We’re off to a great start here.

Let me try all of this again.


Dammit, that wasn’t any better.

Okay, okay, please give me one more shot.

Let’s start with the idea of making money.

Making Money With Words

How do bloggers make money?

This is an important question to ask, right?

If bloggers are no longer making money then surely blogging is dead.

Blogging doesn’t stay alive because people are passionate about it and want to spend all of their free time at a computer writing words and making no money whatsoever.

Blogging survives as long as the people that do decide the world needs their words continue to make money.

So how do bloggers make money?

If you’re reading this you might have an idea of HOW bloggers make money.

There are actually a number of different ways:

  • ads
  • affiliate marketing
  • services
  • products
  • membership sites
  • conferences
  • webinars

I could go on and on.

Just seeing that list might make you think that blogging isn’t dead because all of those things still seem viable.

But I think you need to go deeper because it’s important that you understand if there is ever a chance for blogging to die.

You don’t want to start blogging today only for it to die next year. That’s a waste of your time and you might as well find what is going to be around for the next decade and focus on that.

So to figure out if blogging is going to stay around for a while we need to ask another question.

Why do people give other people money?

Blogging Is Marketing

That question is at the heart of every single business.

When you can answer that question then you have this whole business thing solved.

I’m not joking.

Why do people give other people money?

I won’t make you wait around for the answer.

The answer is perceived value.

People give other people money when they feel that the perceived value of what they get in return will make them feel better than they do presently.

Think about it.

Nobody spends money knowing that it is going to make them miserable.

You always spend money to get rid of the current feeling you have in the hopes that whatever you get with the money is going to make you feel better.

Now, that doesn’t mean that every time you get ready to spend money you already feel bad. You could be having the greatest day of your life and are happy as a clam (dumbass saying) and you spend money because you want to be even happier.

That’s the whole gist of business.

You upgrade that value meal to get a bigger order of fries because you don’t want to be unhappy that you’re still hungry.

You buy that business course because you are not happy with your current situation and believe that the business course will lead to more happiness.

So what does this have to do with blogging?

It’s important to understand that every single person that makes money with a blog does so because they are offering something of perceived value.

Real quick, I keep on saying “perceived value” because sometimes you buy something and it’s a complete piece of shit. It doesn’t match up with its perceived value and if you knew the actual value before hand you wouldn’t have made the purchase.

If a blogger is making money with ads then they are doing so because the advertisers believe the perceived value of getting in front of the blogger’s audience is worth their money.

If a blogger is making money with affiliate marketing or products, it’s because the buyer believes the product is going to make their life better.

However, there is no point of having something of any perceived value if you don’t have an audience to perceive it. I hope that makes sense.

That’s why people blog because blogging brings in an audience.

They might not view like that but that’s how it works.

Blogging isn’t blogging. Blogging is marketing.

Every piece of content that you publish on your blog has the sole purpose of bringing people to your business.

That’s marketing whether you want to see it like that or not and that’s exactly why blogging can’t die unless people just stop reading text.

There is a problem with all of this though.

There actually isn’t just one type of blogging.

The blogging that I’ve been talking about makes money.

I’ve proven that and thousands of people that I’ve helped over the years have proven that as well.

However, that isn’t usually the type of blogging that people are thinking about when they ask the question is blogging dead?

Hobby Blogging Is Deadass Dead

When your Uncle (do you even like that guy?) asks you what you do and you tell him that you’re a blogger, what reaction do you get?



A pat in the head like you’re still a kid.

This is why I hate the terms blogging and blogger.

They aren’t associated with business or entrepreneurship.

Instead, people think of hobby bloggers.

What are those?

Those are people that start a blog and simply write whatever they want to with no regards to their audience.

That’s assuming they have an audience.

There was a time where you could make money doing that but that isn’t the case anymore.

If people want random pieces of entertainment they will go on YouTube or Netflix.

Nowadays if you’re going to start a blog (which is a business, get that into your head) then you need to ensure that you’re doing so with the purpose of serving a specific audience.

Because that’s what businesses do.

Blogging Should Die

To be honest, I wish the term blogging would die.

And I even have a blogging course that helps people make over $1,000-a-month with their blog.

But I don’t see them as blogs.

I see them as businesses.

And I don’t see them as bloggers.

I see them as entrepreneurs.

Maybe you think there is too much pressure to call yourself a marketer or entrepreneur.

Calling yourself a blogger puts you in a safe space where you get to talk to other bloggers about how you finally got to 1,000 pageviews after 2 years of really pushing hard.

Being an entrepreneur implies that you have a gameplan.

It implies that you’re in this to make good money that will change your life.

Being a blogger can mean that you’re happy that you have an extra $100 coming in each month.

That’s fine.

I don’t want to downplay that stuff, it’s just not in the world that I choose to live in.

So is blogging dead?

If you see it as something that you can do on the side that might make you money one day then yes, it’s dead for you.

If you see blogging as a marketing vehicle for your business then I’m proud to report it’s very much alive and I don’t see it going away any time soon.

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