How I Made $29,903.62 Blogging: January 2018 Income Report

Let’s get a couple things straight about income reports:

  • They are a great way for me to get your attention.
  • They are a great way for me to show you what I can do with blogging.
  • They are a great way to get you into my sales funnel so you can buy my products.

But what’s in it for you?

That’s the question you should always be asking yourself and it’s one that is going to take me a while to answer because this income report is my first one in a long time.

Every once in a while I’ll pop in with an experience report, but I know that some of you crave the actual numbers that count. The ones that pay the bills so I would be remiss not to please some of you out there.

But I also know that there are some of you that really don’t see the point of income reports. You see them as simply bragging without providing any insight.

This won’t be that.

Consider this income report your first blog class of the day.

Now sit down at your desk and pay attention.

Class is in session.

If you want to read more about my take on income reports and bloggers then check out Blogging Bullsh*t: Why Do Bloggers Keep Lying About Money? and Screw Your Income Reports.

Life Report

First, I should state that January was a big moment in my life as my first child was born January 3rd.


That pretty much means I expected to put all business to the backburner and for the most part I did.

However, because I prepped for this moment it turned out to be my most successful month ever.

Go figure.

I think when people come up with the brilliant idea to start a blog they often underestimate how much life gets in the way.

Seriously. You’ll have these big plans for your blog and then something happens.

Obviously, for me, I knew I was going to have a kid but I did underestimate how much time the little bundle of joy would take up.

Fortunately, I already have a workflow for my blogs and because of my work on Pinterest things do pretty well even when I’m not putting in work.

This was very useful considering I had my family and my wife’s family occupying my home and my time for half of the month.

Now if you have a full-time job and are trying to start a blog, what happens when the limited time you have to work on your blog gets consumed by something?

To build a successful blog in a relatively short amount of time I do believe sacrifices have to be made. Maybe you give up TV or browsing social media. You need to find a way to extend your 24-hour window each day until you get to the point where you don’t need that much time anymore.

My Blogs

First of all, I do things a bit differently. I run a number of different blogs so this isn’t an income report talking about how I successfully built up one blog.

No, no. This is going to talk about all of my active blogs and how they’re performing and what I plan on doing with them in the future.

I own a lot of blogs but I currently only actively work on some of them. Why do I own so many blogs?

Because I teach others how to be successful with their blogs and I don’t want to do that with just a single blog in a niche they can’t relate to. Instead, I venture into multiple niches so that I can understand what it takes to succeed.

I hope that makes sense.

So how is this going to go down?

I’ll tackle each blog one-by-one and then give a nice juicy summary of everything at the end. How does that sound?

Reporting Revenue

This is where things get shady with income reports because a lot of bloggers will report what I like to call fake revenue. What I mean by this let’s say they report $500 of revenue from web host affiliate links. The problem with that is, the revenue isn’t paid right away and it’s not guaranteed.

If a person cancels their hosting plan before the agreed-upon period, the blogger doesn’t get paid. However, since they told the world in their income report that they made $500, the world believes they made $500.

So how do you combat this?

I’m going to report revenue two ways:

  1. How much money actually hits my bank account during the month. This number is important because as a blogger, you don’t care about your future income, you want the money now!
  2. How much money I “earned” during the month and could be paid out later. I’m adding this in so you can understand the correlation between traffic and revenue for some of my blogs.

When looking at each site, the first number will be revenue #1 and the second number will be revenue #2.

So it will appear like this: Revenue: $45 / $79.

Got it?


Profit will simply be the money I received in my bank account minus the money that left my bank account.

Blog #1: (est. June 2016) is an interesting blog because it brings me a lot of business and yet it doesn’t generate that much traffic relative to my other blogs.

In reality, it should be a blog that I heavily focus on because it’s in the how to make money niche but I always find myself growing my other blogs.

I definitely need to make a concerted effort in 2018 on growing it as it easily has the potential to consistently do 100,000 pageviews a month.

The logical thing would be to post some income reports over there but I think it makes more sense to keep the income reports here on the Billionaire Blog Club.

Traffic: 37,192 Pageviews

Here is a look at the traffic for the month of January. While 37,192 pageviews isn’t necessarily something to sneeze at, it’s not big-time numbers and many people are surprised when I show them these numbers for

The thing is, I rarely write for the site anymore, something that will change over time, and the content itself isn’t meant to be mainstream for bloggers.

When you write posts like Screw Your Income Reports then you know you’re only going to attract a certain type of crowd.

And that’s okay. isn’t meant to be a traffic-heavy site. While I would love for it to have a million pageviews, the main goal of the site is to find a certain type of blogger.

The blogger that is tired of how others talk about blogging with its rainbows and butterflies.

The site helps to showcase my personality and gives people an insight into how I think.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved so what can be done to increase the traffic?

Well, because the blog is in the how to make money blogging category then the surefire way to boost traffic is to write How I Made $X this Month Blogging posts.

People are attracted to money and they want to see how others make it.

Some of you might be rolling your eyes thinking that isn’t the only way to get traffic and it isn’t! However, in this particular niche, you have to understand the game and decide how you’re going to play it.

I’ll also work on providing more insight into what I’m doing on a particular blog to bring it to success.

For example, I can go into a specific SEO strategy that has me ranked in the top 3 for major keywords.

Stuff like that.

What’s interesting to me about the traffic is that most of it is coming from Google. This is interesting to me because for the longest time Pinterest sent over 90% of the traffic.

I attribute this to two things:

  1. The site rocking SEO on a particular post
  2. The lack of new posts to seed through Pinterest

The issue with this niche and Pinterest is that it is saturated with shit and most of Pinterest’s audience doesn’t actively hunt for blogging pins so you have to randomly come across their radar somehow.

Again, if a person sees Screw Your Income Reports they aren’t going to know or care what I’m talking about so in this case, although I love the content I’m writing, it’s actively preventing me from grabbing new people.

This is something that I will have to consider moving forward and probably do a mix of the current type of content with more mainstream content.

This is a good blogging lesson for you. Sometimes you need to take a step back and analyze if your content aligns with the goals you’ve set.

Revenue: $0 / $0

This is where things get interesting because the goal of isn’t to make money!

The goal is to funnel people to the Billionaire Blog Club so to be honest with you I never paid attention to see if Obstacle was making money.

This income report was created specifically for me to finally take a deep look at all of my blogs and check their performance.

The only way that Obstacle can make money directly is through affiliate marketing. Because there aren’t too many blogging products that I want to promote this limits my options but being in the how to make money / how to blog niches it means I should be utilizing web hosting affiliate links.

But guess what? I don’t go hard promoting any host!

Weird, right?

When people showcase big numbers in their income reports a lot of the time it’s because they are getting thousands of dollars from a web host.

This is obviously a missed opportunity by me at the moment and something that I would like to improve upon but the reason why this particular revenue stream is low is because I do deeper dives into how to blog.

Speaking of web hosting, if you’re thinking about starting a blog then I always recommend SiteGround. Awesome independent company with great customer service.

Instead of just telling you to sign up for Web Host X, install WordPress, and start blogging, I really go into what it takes.

What this means is you can easily forget that you should click my affiliate link.

This is a perfect example of trying to be a holier than thou type of blogger where I try to be so smart that I prevent myself from making money.

There is nothing wrong with me promoting a web host AND doing it in a way that I’m happy with and makes me money. So this is something that definitely needs to be worked on since it’s money that I’m missing out on while also providing value to my audience.

Expenses: $10

Because there isn’t much heavy lifting involved with the site the only expenses are hosting ($10 / mo), Amazon Web Services for hosting images, and BoardBooster (free due to consistent referrals).

Because I don’t separate the Amazon Web Services amongst all of my blogs I’ll attribute that expense further down in this report. That leaves web hosting which is $10 / mo.

Hosting $10
Total $10

Profit: -$10

Again, this isn’t a red flag for me because does a great job of funneling people into the Billionaire Blog Club Sales funnel so saying it makes -$10 isn’t an accurate representation of this blog.

However, I want to keep this income report fair and that means reporting the numbers as they are.

Maybe in the future, I’ll set up an affiliate link for to specifically track things.

Blog #2: Thrive/Strive (est. June 2016)

This is really the blog that got this whole party started. Essentially I call this blog the mothership as it has served as a platform for boosting up 3 other sites and get them up to speed quicker than normal.

As of now, the site is mostly on auto-pilot due to the amount of content it has. What I mean by this is that there is so much content (100+ posts) that there are more than enough pins that I can continuously cycle through BoardBooster to receive a steady amount of traffic.

As you’ll see in this income report, most of my blogs lean heavily on Pinterest to start off and it’s the platform that has shown BBC Members huge success. If you’re interested in learning more you can check out my Pinterest course.

Of course, we (my brother and I) continue to add content to the site monthly, but it’s not a priority of growth at the moment.

Traffic: 488,376 Pageviews

January was always going to be a solid month for this blog due to people wanting to lose weight to start the new year, but wow, this was a pleasant surprise.

Almost half a million pageviews! To be honest, I’m kind of annoyed we didn’t hit that number but I ain’t mad at it. Just annoyed.

As I’ll mention for all of these sites the ONLY promotion that I do is through Pinterest.

This always blows people’s minds because what about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Honestly? I’m a busy person and spreading myself across platforms that might not show much return isn’t of interest to me.

Work where your audience is at.

However, if you look at the table below, you’ll see that a healthy number of people are coming from Google:

I talk about this in my SEO course. Doing well on Pinterest means that you can do well in Google due to social signals and how Google measures traffic.

That means while I optimize for one platform (Pinterest), I’m actually optimizing for two (Google).

Pretty solid.

It’s why I have an SEO course and a Pinterest course under the same roof.

I do expect traffic to die down a bit with people giving up on their resolutions but it’s nice to see that SEO traffic is making up a healthy portion of the traffic.

We will probably explore new health topics to see what else is hot out there since Thrive/Strive acts as our test bed for new ideas.

Sometimes you reach a traffic plateau and you need to experiment a bit more. Nothing wrong with that.

Revenue: $2806.55 / $4262.37

Here is a breakdown of revenue hitting my bank account:

AdThrive $2766.92
Amazon $39.63
Total $2806.55

Here is a breakdown of revenue that will be paid out later:

AdThrive $4141
Amazon $121.37
Total $4262.37

AdThrive numbers are something I never worry about because with ads as long as you’re getting traffic, you’re getting paid.

However, in January is when ad revenue takes a major dip. The only reason why it’s over $4,000 is due to the high amount of traffic.

With the healthy amount of traffic the site gets, the Amazon revenue should be much higher which goes to show I need to do a better job of affiliate marketing on the site.

Admittedly, we’ve never written posts geared around an affiliate marketing strategy and while the health and wellness niche can be a little more difficult to do well with affiliate marketing, it isn’t impossible.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the site, similar to, acts as a gateway to a membership site. In this case, Keto Dash.

Thrive/Strive gets the traffic, sends them to Keto Dash, and the people sign up.

Now, I don’t want you thinking that you need multiple sites to see the same success. I just liked to create blogs so I could experiment and learn. Also, because Keto Dash is custom-coded by me, I wanted it on its own domain.

Expenses: $69

Hosting $10
ConvertKit $49
BoardBooster $10
Total $69

What’s funny (okay, not really) is that I don’t even use ConvertKit for this site anymore. I should’ve canceled the service and just forgot.

I’ll have to get on that.

It’s not that I don’t like the service, it’s just that since Thrive/Strive funnels traffic to Keto Dash, it makes sense to have the mailing list on Keto Dash instead of two separate ones.

Maybe if I venture into a sales funnel outside of weight loss (like yoga) then I can put the Thrive/Strive mailing list to good use.

Hm, something to think about.

Profit: $2737.55

Not too bad for a site that’s mostly auto-pilot but affiliate revenue can definitely use a boost. Something to work on moving forward.

Blog #3: The Daily Nutrition (est. September 2017)

This is where things start to get crazy. I already have a health site but now I have another one?


The goal of the Daily Nutrition is to solely focus on nutrition. It won’t venture out into yoga or other health topics.

It has a bit less personality and is more about people looking to research something but man has it grown!

Like 0-100 real quick type of growth and the big question is how was this possible?

The simple answer is that it piggybacked off of Thrive/Strive’s Pinterest account and was able to get into some solid group boards of its own.

Traffic: 567,015 Pageviews

Over half a million in its FIFTH month of existence.

Damn I love Pinterest.

Pretty crazy numbers for a site that is younger than Thrive/Strive and has significantly less content.

So how is this possible?

The Daily Nutrition was first to write about a couple hot topics in the nutrition industry and it continues to ride that wave.

Because it’s fairly young (a couple of months) you would expect the organic (Google) traffic to not be too significant.

However, towards the end of the month, the site shot up in the rankings for some keywords.

It’s hard to tell from this image so let’s look at Google Search Console to see what’s up.

Towards the end of the month search traffic almost tripled! Hopefully, we can keep the trend moving.

Psssst, I have a whole course on SEO so of course we can keep this going!

Revenue: $774.08 / $3207

Money entering bank acount:

AdThrive $774.08

Money earned:

AdThrive $3207

The site got accepted into AdThrive in late October. As you can see there is zero affiliate revenue being made so far so that of course means things need to be worked on.

One thing you might notice when looking at the “Money Earned” figure is that even though the site had more traffic than Thrive/Strive it earned less money. Why is that?

The simple answer is that RPM (how many dollars per 1,000 pageviews) can vary per site. Ideally I would want RPM to hover above $10 (1,000 pageviews = $10) so there are some optimizations I might have to look into doing here.

Expenses: $15

Hosting $10
BoardBooster $5
Total $15

Nothing much to say here.

Profit: $759.08

Positive is better than negative!

Blog #4: Bogoten (est. July 2017)

This is one of those blogs that I think most people think about starting. I call it the everyblog because there isn’t a defined topic.

It’s a lifestyle blog if you will and if you take a peek at it you will see that it covers a lot of things.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get the love from me that it deserves since I put a lot of energy into my health sites for the New Year push.

That means traffic was down in January but things will start to pick up again in the second half of February as I ramp up content production.

One question that gets asked often by people when they see the site is how does it make money and that’s a very good question.

The original gameplan was to just use it as a blog for ads and affiliate marketing. For ads, it needs to be built up to 25,000 sessions so that it can get into Mediavine so that is going to be a focus over the next 45 days.

As for affiliate marketing, that becomes a little bit tougher if you’re only doing roundup posts so I will need to expand the content a bit into more how-tos and similar type of posts.

Traffic: 10,940 Pageviews

I’ll admit that these numbers kind of annoy me because in all honesty, this kind of blog is one of the easiest to grow. You get to write about whatever you want meaning you just need to find popular topics and hit them!

However, there were no new posts for over 2 months and there aren’t that many posts on the site to begin with.

February there will be new posts added that should help to see an increase in traffic.

Revenue: $12.62 / $12.09

Money in the bank:

Amazon $12.62
Total $12.62

Money coming later:

Amazon $12.09
Total $12.09

The goal is to increase traffic in February so that I can get that site into Mediavine. This site could easily be an Amazon heavyweight so I look forward to seeing what I can do with it.

As for Amazon, well you know the story. Get better with it.

Expenses: $15

Hosting $10
BoardBooster $5
Total $15

You might be spotting a trend here with expenses.

Profit: -$2.38

Well, that’s just unacceptable. Thankfully, this is one of the blogs that I’ll be working on for my 28-Day Blog Challenge so it should see much better growth over the upcoming weeks.

Blog #5: Mama Paisa (est. October 2017)

This is Bogoten’s sister blog in the sense that I launched them around the same time and they’ve been neglected equally.

This one should be a bit easier to monetize with regards to affiliate marketing due to the topics being more focused.

If you’re wondering how a guy has a mommy blog then you don’t need to wonder very much. My wife writes most of the content but I’m coming out with daddy focused content shortly.

Traffic: 9,039 Pageviews

This is what happens when you neglect a site that hasn’t built a strong foundation yet. Similar to Bogoten it will be getting love in the month of February and beyond as it’s time for this baby to grow.

Revenue: $36.23 / $46.24


Amazon $36.23
Total $36.23

Coming soon…

Amazon $46.24
Total $46.24

I fully expect the Amazon number to climb to over $1,000 in the upcoming months. Add that to Mediavine revenue to supplement the revenue so $2,000+ shouldn’t be too far away for this blog.

Expenses: $15

Hosting $10
BoardBooster $5
Total <$15/strong>

Profit: $21.23

Always good when a site pays for itself but if you consider the time spent on a site then $20 isn’t really worth making. Fortunately for me, no work was done on the site so that’s a profit!

Blog #6: (est. March 2017)

When your wife is pregnant with your first child and it’s the holidays, things get neglected. This site has the potential to be a big moneymaker but it just needs some love and content.

Similar to Bogoten and Mama Paisa, it will also be getting massive love in February.

Traffic: 45,540 Pageviews

45,000+ pageviews for a site that isn’t getting much love (I’m saying love a lot) is pretty damn good. What this tells me is that with a bit of attention it should have no problem climbing over 100,000 pageviews on a consistent basis.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the most popular pieces of content revolve around how to make money instead of how to save money.

With regards to content, I’m going to try to put a bit more emphasis on frugal living and talk more about how to save money through different tasks.

An example would be How to feed your family for just $7 a week.

Revenue: $396.02 / $787.15


Mediavine $395.40
Amazon $0.62
Total $396.02

What’s funny is that I have no idea how this site made anything from Amazon. I must’ve snuck in a product link somewhere but I can’t imagine what product I would promote on that site!

There are so many great personal finance products out there to promote that this is something I heavily need to spend time on.


Mediavine $787.15
Total $787.15

If you’re doing the math you’ll notice that the advertising RPM for January was $17.28. That’s very impressive and can be attributed to the blog being in the Personal Finance niche.

As ad budgets pick up I wouldn’t be surprised to see the site hover above $30 RPM. Logically this means I should be devoting a LOT MORE TIME to this site but only 24 hours in a day.

But you already knew that.

Expenses: $15

Hosting $10
BoardBooster $5
Total $15

Profit: $381.02

This is the kind of money that helps to supplement my Lego addiction.

Blog #8: Miss Fit Living (est. July 2017)

There is some interesting history behind this site. It started off as another site (different domain) but that domain’s Pinterest account got suspended.

So, in a fit of panic I created a new blog within a couple of hours, moved all of the posts over and here we are.

Funny enough, the old Pinterest account got reinstated. Whoops.

Anyways, this site is going to evolve into one of those every woman type of blogs that focus on health, home decor, beauty, fashion, etc.

In November, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to hire a writer to help fill the site up with awesome content and it has paid dividends.

She does 6 posts a month on topics that I approve and I handle the promotion (just Pinterest).

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Traffic: 214,521

Back to the big numbers!

However, this doesn’t tell the whole picture. Let’s zoom out and look at what happened AFTER I hired the awesome writer.

To offer some clarity on this graph here are the monthly numbers (pageviews):

  • September: 68,689
  • October: 35,156
  • November: 35,984
  • December: 147,909
  • January: 214,521

BIIIIIIIG difference.

All I do is focus on my Pinterest strategy and let the rest take care of itself.

As with most of my sites, the majority of traffic comes from Pinterest, but it’s great to see Organic Search starting to climb. It just goes to show how awesome Pinterest is in helping you boost your organic search traffic.

And yes, I have a Pinterest Course. I consider it the best around.

Seriously, write the content your audience wants and be sure to promote that content to the people that want to read it.

I’ve just given you the secret to blogging.

Revenue: $49.06 / $2,199.28


Amazon $49.06
Total $49.06

Not bad. Decent results for a site that was just starting to hit its stride. Obviously, at 100,000 pageviews it should be performing much better but it’s a sign that if I apply the right products to the right content then we can make this work.

However, the main goal for this site, at least with the health and nutrition content, is to funnel people to Keto Dash and it does an excellent job of that.

Amazon $120.95
Mediavine $2,078.33
Total $2,199.28

Solid RPM with Mediavine.

If you’re wondering which network you should go with between AdThrive and Mediavine, I don’t have a definitive answer for you unless the sites that are one, switched to the other for a couple of months.

While that sounds like a great experiment, it sounds like a huge pain in the ass for me.

Expenses: $515

Whoa, that’s a different number for expenses!

What gives?

I’m paying the writer $500 a month for the posts so that is where the expenses come from.

Hosting $10
BoardBooster $5
Writer $500

Profit: -$465.94

The question then becomes was it worth bringing the writer on board and the easy answer is yes.

In January, the site earned (but not paid out until March/April) $2199.28. So while taking a “loss” this month, the site is already in the black for future months.

Add to the fact that the traffic helps to contribute to Keto Dash’s revenue and this has been a win all around.

Membership Site #1: Keto Dash (est. April 2017)

Okay, this is what you came for. How does Scrivs make this kind of money from blogs and the answer is my two membership sites.

Keto Dash is a weight loss membership site that I run with my wife and brother. Thrive/Strive, The Daily Nutrition, and Miss Fit Living all contribute to sending people to Keto Dash and getting them to sign up for the mailing list.

I also have a Weight Loss Manual to grab people that don’t want to pay for the lifetime membership.

Traffic: 1,100,182 Pageviews


I entered the 2 comma traffic club with the site.

Pretty damn cool, right?

Where are these people coming from?

That is a healthy amount of traffic from Google. Pretty awesome that my other blogs are also able to send such a large amount of traffic to the site.

You’ll notice that Pinterest is trailing in 3rd which is definitely a first for my sites but this goes to show me that there is a lot of untapped potential with it so that’s what we are working on this month.

Revenue: $14,836.20

Stripe $14,574.03
PayPal $262.17
Total $14,836.20

The majority of this money comes from the actual membership site. The weight loss book doesn’t sell as much as I would like but that’s because I push people towards the membership site so I’ll need to see if I can find the right balance for it.

I’m also not pleased with the actual conversion rate (how many people visit the site vs those that actually sign up) but I attribute that to not nurturing the mailing list like I should. Once that is done, revenue should increase significantly.

Because the site doesn’t use affiliate marketing or ads, all money made is money that enters my bank account.

Expenses: $119

Hosting $10
BoardBooster $5
Drip $99
Get DPD $10
Total $119

Profit: $14,717.20

Overall, pretty solid for a site and I’m really happy with its growth over the past year. We still believe there is huge room for improvement not only with the product but with the marketing of everything. It’s fun having a successful product that makes enough money to allow you time to improve it.

Membership Site #2: Billionaire Blog Club (est. March 2017)

The site you’re reading this income report on.

Traffic: 26,436* Pageviews

I’m throwing an asterisk on this number only because I was using the same analytics code to track both the marketing site and the membership site. However, as you’ll see this site is not reliant on the amount of traffic it gets to it, unlike Keto Dash.

Revenue: $15,089.24

Stripe $14,212.43
PayPal $876.81
Total $15,089.24

This is almost 100% from people purchasing memberships to the BBC. You can purchase the courses individually if you want, but the best deal is to just get a lifetime membership which gives you access to all of the courses, books, challenges, and Slack community.

Similar to Keto Dash, I’m definitely not optimizing my revenue streams as well as I can with this site so after studying some of the numbers, I’ll be making tweaks this month.

I really don’t do a good enough job of promoting the individual courses when the time is right. Maybe it’s because I’m in love with the lifetime membership and know it’s the best deal you can get for your blogging education.

Either way, improvements need to be made across the board.

If you’re interested in learning how I view blogging then check out the Free 12-Day Blogging Bootcamp.

Expenses: $1,151.40

Hosting $5
BoardBooster $5
SendOwl $15
Drip $99
Affiliate Payouts $1,027.40
Total $1,151.40

In November, I added an affiliate program to the BBC that is only open to members and it has worked out really well. You might wonder why I didn’t do it earlier and the answer is that I wanted to make sure the content and experience were in a place that I was proud of.

Now when people promote BBC, I have full confidence that the people that sign up because of them will be pleased with the overall experience.

It’s amazing how you can grow your revenue through network effects as long as you’re doing a good job of providing people with value.

Profit: $13,937.84

Weird how it’s pretty close to Keto Dash’s revenue with much smaller traffic. The reason why is because BBC has higher ticket items and I think this is a good example of making money through either volume (Keto Dash) or price (Billionaire Blog Club).

Network Stats

Overall the network performed pretty well for January but when you break down each individual site you can see that there is massive room for improvement.

Revenue: $34,000 $0
Thrive/Strive $2,806.55
The Daily Nutrition $774.08
Bogoten $12.62
Mama Paisa $36.23 $396.02
Miss Fit Living $49.06
Keto Dash $14,836.20
Billionaire Blog Club $15,089.24
Total $34,000

Weird how it’s a completely rounded number, right?

If you want to figure out the future revenue that will hit the bank in a couple of months I’ll leave that up to you. I’m spent.

I think it’s important to keep in mind the different revenue streams that I use to make money. I utilize ads, affiliate marketing and my own products and although all of them aren’t as optimized as I’d like, it’s nice to know that if one falls off the map, there are others to pick up the slack.

Expenses: $4096.38

Hosting $230
BoardBooster $95
Gsuite $35
Amazon Web Services $134.43
ConvertKit $49
Drip $198
DeployBot $25
DPD $10
SendOwl $15
Forge $19
Wistia $83
LeadPages $37
Refersion $29
Deadline Funnel $37
SEMRush $99.95
Content Production $3,000
Affiliate Payouts $1,027.40
Total $5,123.78

I’m sure you’re curious what I use some of these services for and I’ll put together a separate blog post to explain it all.

You’ll also notice that I don’t spend any money on ads. This isn’t somethign I’m bragging about as utilizing ad platforms like Facebook and AdWords can probably bring a jump in revenue but I need to carve out time to really nail that stuff down.

For now, I’ll stick with the free promotion of Pinterest and SEO.

Profit: $29,903.62

So there is the final number. It does not include taxes or any insurance that I need to pay because that varies month to month and I’m not figuring it out each month for these income reports.

But, seeing this number is hopefully enough for you to understand how and what I’m doing.

So what do I do with the money?

Live the life that I want. Spend time with family and friends. Buy the things that I want.

I’m also looking for ways to reinvest it back into the business so that I can push things a little bit further.

Moving Forward

Doing this income report was really healthy for me because I finally broke down exactly what each blog is doing. You might think that this is something I always do internally but it isn’t simply because I’m always working on something and moving forward.

I’m thinking about doing one, once a quarter that summarizes each of the blogs in 3-month bursts only because this stuff takes a long time to put together and for me, it’s more valuable to see the progress at a higher viewpoint then analyzing each month.

So umm yeah. There we go. Start 2018 pretty strong and I have the goal of reach $100,000 a month by August so I’m gonna buckle up and make it happen.

Social Media

You might notice something “strange” about my traffic generation and that is how I don’t focus on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

In fact, I don’t do ANYTHING on those platforms? Why?

Very little ROI for me. The reality of it is, Twitter isn’t a useless platform for generating traffic, Facebook is pay to play, and Instagram is great at brand-building but not so great at traffic generation.

In the future, I will be looking to integrate Instagram a bit more for SOME of my blogs. The ones that are in more visual niches (home decor, bullet journals, fashion, etc.) but trying to force a specific social media platform onto a blog just doesn’t make sense.

Plus, they often take up too much damn time.

How This Applies to You

The last thing I want you to think after reading this income report is that you need to have a million blogs to make this kind of money.

You don’t.

With the right niche and right product, you can make more than this.

I run this many blogs because I teach others how to be successful blogging and it would be shitty if I only had the experience of a how to make money blog.

Instead, you’re able to see that I can generate traffic in any niche that I choose as well as make some (or a lot) of money.

I do think it’s important to choose the right niche. By no means should you read this income report and leave with the idea that your blog on Brazilian Bras is going to generate massive traffic or revenue.

Every single niche I select does well on Pinterest and I do that on purpose. I do that because I want to see success quickly and I know that success on Pinterest can lead to success on Google.

It’s why the first course I created for the Billionaire Blog Club was on Pinterest.

With that being said there is also a lot more that goes into blogging and I know it can be overwhelming. That’s why I create so many different blogging resources under roof.

The Billionaire Blog Club is meant to be the first, last and only blogging resource you need to grow your blog.

If you’re interested in it, then I suggest you check out the free 12-Day Blogging Bootcamp first.