6 Secrets Rich Bloggers Don’t Tell You

You’ve seen the income reports where bloggers are making 5-6 digits a month. Those are some impressive numbers.

Who wouldn’t want to make that much just from blogging?

So what do you do?

You start a blog of your own and try to figure things out!

Unfortunately, figuring things out isn’t working out so well for you. So what do you do?

You read what these rich bloggers have to say because you figure if they are going to be generous and share their knowledge then you would be foolish not to take it.

They tell you things that make perfect sense:

  • Write great content
  • Use Pinterest to promote your content
  • Build your mailing list
  • Niche down
  • Make a product

It makes sense, right?

You get told to do these things so you do them. At least you think you are doing them. Sometimes it can be hard.

What I mean is you think you are writing great content but it’s hard to tell because you’re biased.

You think you are doing everything right on Pinterest but if that was the case then you would be overflowing with traffic and that isn’t happening.

So what’s the deal?

Hell, you might even go around buying different blogging courses to help solve the puzzle. In a way, they all give the same advice, but they just say things differently.

What if the rich bloggers are holding something back? Why would they do that?

I don’t think they do it intentionally but I do think that a lot of them believe that their advice can transcend different niches and work for everybody.

Or maybe they just don’t want to admit why their blog is a success.

So what I want to do is crack open the Rich Bloggers’ Vault and find out what’s inside.

The Secret Rich Bloggers Don’t Tell You

Before we dive in you might be asking who the hell am I? Why do I get to be the one to tell you about these secrets?

My name is Paul Scrivens and I make 5-figures a month from different blogs. I make money through affiliate marketing, advertising, books, courses, and membership sites.

I’m not at the 6-figure a month level yet (as of this writing) but I’m creeping up there.

To give you some perspective about what I do check out my blog experience report.

I try my best to showcase the things that I do to build multiple successful blogs and other sites. My success isn’t built on one blog but many and I think that gives me a little more insight into how to build a successful blog than others.

So that’s why I wanted to share these secrets with you.

1. The Best Way to Make Money Blogging Is to Teach Others How to Make Money Blogging

Let’s just get this one out of the way.

You’re not seeing things.

The Rich Bloggers get rich because they help other people make money.

When you can promise that you can help other people get rich they are going to pay you.

Did you think it was a weird coincidence that the mommy blogger, travel blogger, food blogger, and personal finance blogger all happen to have courses on Pinterest, blogging or affiliate marketing?

Look, you can make good money sticking to your niche but the revenue ceiling is probably lower than what you’d get by teaching others how to be successful with their blogs.

It’s just the name of the game.

The funny thing about all of this is that the bloggers that make most of their money this way don’t openly say it. They don’t tell you that you should create a course on how to make money with Pinterest.

Instead, they tell you that they can show you the techniques they used to make $15,000 this month.

Dare to Conquer is such a product but instead of separating out the courses and resources so you have to buy them individually, I put them all together because I understand building a successful business isn’t about mastering one topic.

However, if you’re interested in scaling a blog up quickly to $1,000-a-month then you’ll want to check out my blogging course, Blog Revenue Engines.

I have no problem saying that if you want to get into the how to make money niche then go for it. It’s stiff competition but you get to charge higher prices. Hell, some of the members inside of Dare to Conquer and Blog Simple Framework are working on products to compete against me.

It’s just the name of the game.

However, you don’t have to go this route. If you want to teach people how to lose weight then that works as well. It’s one of the things that I do and I’ve seen great success from it.

If you want to show people how to organize their house then you can go that route.

By no means am I saying that you have to create a blogging course to make money. I’m saying that if you want to get into the really high ranges of revenue then that is the route you’ll need to take.

2. When Starting Off Forget Original Content

When you start off blogging forget about trying to come up with unique content ideas.

Instead, see what content is kicking ass in your niche and write better versions of it.

Every popular blogger’s most popular post is a rehash of another similar post.

You can have two options when you start blogging:

  1. Just wing it and hope your content attracts people
  2. Write content that you know is already successful in your niche

But that content has already been written!

So what?

You think every person in your audience has read that content elsewhere?

Every blog that I start begins with me writing down 20 post ideas that I’ve seen do well with my audience. Then I write those 20 blog posts.

You know what happens?

The Rich Bloggers like to think they are writing original content but it’s only original because they are putting their perspective on things.

That’s all you need to do.

This post idea came about because I saw another blogger write about the secrets of blogging. Of course, they weren’t really secrets but sometimes you have to embellish things I suppose.

3. Lists and How-Tos Are Where the Traffic Is

Now, I’m not saying these are the only posts you should write because you’ll get bored but don’t ignore these posts just because you see everybody else doing them.

Lists can be some of the dumbest content you’ve ever read so it depends on how you approach it.

For example, my post on blog niches is a list but it provides so much value for each list item that it’s not generic.

This post is a list. Do you feel ripped off by taking the time to read it?

Your audience first comes to your blog because you are offering them a promise. When they see 13 Ways to Organize Your Garage, they know they are going to learn about 13 ways to organize a garage.

Same thing goes for a how to.

The problem is when you don’t deliver.

How many how to start a blog posts have you read that are absolute garbage?

Lists and How-Tos aren’t the only content you should write but don’t be surprised if they end up being the majority of what you write.

4. You Have to be an Annoying Salesman to Make Rich Money

This is the hardest one to swallow, even for me because most people don’t want to be annoying. Most people I know don’t want to send 100 different sales emails but at the end of the day that’s what is necessary.


Because it’s hard to get and keep people’s attention.

When a big blogger is going through a product launch you’re going to get at least 5 emails from them and at least 3 emails on the final day.

They don’t do it to annoy you, they do it because it works. Maybe not on you, but on enough people in their audience to make what they make.

Say a blogger mentions that they make $120,000 a month. In your head, you might think that must mean they need to sell a ridiculous amount of stuff but what if they have a product that costs $999?

They just need to sell 120 of those and they’ve reached their number. On their 50,000 member mailing list that means they need to get just 0.24% of the people to convert and that requires the annoying emails.

You aren’t going to make money sending an email on the first day and the final day of a product launch.

You’re going to make money when you have a whole sequence of emails lined up for your audience.

Yes, you will annoy some people but that’s the game. You can play it or you can sit in the bleachers.

5. Income Reports Work

I’ve seen so many bloggers ask why do other bloggers write income reports and the reason why is because they work.

When a person interested in blogging comes across an income report and sees how much the blogger makes, then there is a decent chance they will sign up for whatever blogging/affiliate marketing/pinterest course the blogger is offering.

Blogging reports aren’t used for bragging rights, they are used for marketing purposes.

I don’t do income reports (stupid me) in the general sense but I have started to write experience reports which offer a bit more insight into my blogs than a traditional income report.

Now, does it make sense for bloggers that don’t sell some type of blogging course to write an income report? Probably not unless they just like to show the world how much they make.

A lot of bloggers stop with income reports once they are making an amount they are happy with and don’t need to continue to use them to pull people in.

6. Some Niches Just Aren’t Worth Your Time

If you were looking to sell a blogging course to the largest audience possible then wouldn’t it make sense to tell them that they can make money blogging in any niche?

Even better, you can tell them that they should follow their passion!

I have over 10 blogs and I don’t start them in just any niche. That would be dumb. In fact, there are only 7 blog niches that I’m interested in.


Because I know blogs in those niches are successful.

I’m not saying your Moon Rock Collection blog can’t be successful, but I’m not telling you it is going to be either. Remember that first secret?

A mommy blogger might write about ALL of the things that interest women:

  • parenting
  • organization
  • cooking
  • fashion
  • DIY

And in that audience, she is bound to find other people that want to start a successful blog. Her blog is successful because she writes about the topics that interest a lot of people.

Her blog makes really good money because now she sells a book on how to start a successful blog.

See how that works?

Niching Down Is Overrated

I’m going to call this a sub-secret.

The bloggers that tell you to niche down rarely niche down themselves. When you’re dealing with a popular niche that has a big audience you don’t NEED to niche down. You can if you want but you don’t need to.

I cringe when people write to me to tell me about their blog that targets people in their 50s or something. The reason why is because right off the bat they are taking a big chance that they can find that specific audience and that the audience cares about their content.

Why not cast a wide net to start things off and then over time when you see what your audience is interested in you can narrow things down if you want?

My health blog is all over the map with regards to content and yet it brings in over 200,0000 pageviews a month and helps me make over 5 figures a month with my membership site.

The Game Is the Game

That’s one of my favorite sayings.

Blogging is the exact same game for everybody. There are different rules for different people but some bloggers like to play things differently.

If you choose to ignore the obvious on how they play things then that’s on you but the reality of it is, blogging is a business where everything is out in the open.

It’s pretty obvious (for the most part unless they are spending money on ads) how bloggers make their money and what is working for them. For one reason or another people choose to ignore these things and want to think there is something super secret that they don’t know about.

What makes Dare to Conquer different is that it doesn’t try to hide these things from its members. We talk about them all of the time in the Slack and Discourse Communities.

Before you consider signing up, I’d rather you sign up for the free 13-Day Blogging Bootcamp to get a better feel for how I present things.