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That Good Technique

One of the more common questions that I get from people is how do I manage multiple blogs and that question makes me feel uncomfortable for a couple of reasons:

  1. I don't think running a big network of blogs is optimal. This sounds silly for me to say but I have been a developer for 20 years so there are things that I can do quicker than others. It's just more time consuming than I think people realize.
  2. I don't have a crazy system or anything. I do with blog #2 the same things I do with blog #1.

I get uncomfortable with answering the question because I think people imagine me as a business guru with a super system that I can break down into worksheets and time trackers that I can show them.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

I simply take the lessons I learn from one blog and apply it to the others. That's why I always suggest you nail one blog before moving on to the next one IF you want to give it a shot.

When people ask about Tailwind vs BoardBooster I go with BoardBooster because it does more and it saves me time.

Some other blogger might praise Tailwind to the high heavens and that causes conflicts because then people wonder if I'm right or they're right.

The thing is, with blogging, you go with what works for you. It's no different than raising a kid.

There is no universal child advice besides try your best.

I work with a number of different blogs because I'm curious. I need to see what works and what doesn't.

I don't have all of the answers.

If that's what you're looking for then I'm sorry. I do have a LOT of the answers from the experience of doing a lot of things.

But I don't have them all.

What niche should you do? Hell if I know. I can guide you towards a decision you're comfortable with but it ain't my blog.

What pinning technique should I do? Whatever one you want. You can find a way to make any technique work but I'll show you my way because it works for me.

How many times should you pin? How many pins per post? How many words in a post? What competitive keywords?

These are just some of the questions you will ask or have asked and some people will pretend there is a definitive answer.

There isn't and it's silly to pretend.

What happens though is you end up thinking there is a definitive answer and that's why you go searching. It's why you listen to bloggers you don't know when they say something with authority.

If I told you that you need to pin 57 times a day you would listen because you know my success.

But I'm not going to say that.

I am going to provide you with the guidelines for success.

  • Make great looking pins
  • Use good keywords
  • Pin to relevant boards

There might be a couple of other things but looking at those guidelines couldn't you think of a million different strategies that you could use to make those things happen?

Same goes for SEO or affiliate marketing.

There aren't many hard rules that you have to follow. There are guidelines and then you find the techniques that work for you within those guidelines.

I share mine with you but that doesn't mean it's the last word.

It's what makes blogging tough and awesome.

It's tough because sometimes you want someone to just say "this is EXACTLY how you do this."

It's awesome because there is so much flexibility involved.

I guess this begs the question why do some bloggers find success quicker than others if there isn't ONE TRUE WAY to blogging?

Well, blogging at its core is about finding the content that people want and getting that content in front of them.

Some people are able to find that level faster than others. That's all.




Awesome, hidden gem promotion techniques are useless if people don't want that content but they can make great content shine brighter than the sun.

People aren't subscribing to my email, it must be because I'm missing a technique.

Is it really?

People aren't clicking on my pins, it must be because I'm using scheduled campaigns instead of random campaigns.

Is it really?

I handed over the keys to one of my blogs to my brother who works for me. What I mean by handing over the keys is that I no longer worry about the blog. He's fully responsible for all aspects of it.

That blog is going to do over $3,500 in ad revenue alone this month.

My brother took a week vacation last month and is going to take another one this month.

That blog isn't going to notice at all.

How are we able to do this? What's the big secret?

By now you should know there isn't one.

I tell you everything.

How did this blog get to this level? By doing the same thing we did with the 4 blogs before that.

I understand that the techniques that I use and teach ONLY WORK when there is a good foundation beneath them.

I can make a couple thousand dollars from this email (dead serious, not bragging) by letting readers know that the Billionaire Blog Club is still open.

This isn't a bragging statement or one to make me look like Scrooge McDuck. I'm just trying to make a point.

This doesn't work if I don't have a great foundation of solid blog posts and the WORLD'S GREATEST EMAILS to you.

A couple thousand dollars not because of some wild technique that I did. You can write a sentence like the one above can't you?

I've totally lost focus on what this email is supposed to be about. I think it was something about not getting so caught up in the different techniques to get the same job done.

Well this person manually pins and uses SEOGandalf to find their keywords which means they must know exactly how to succeed.

Sure. Go with that.

Man, I really lost track of what I'm going to say so I'm gonna end things here.

Hump day.

- Scrivs

PS: Did you know there are smarter people than me in the Billionaire Blog Club and they are so awesome they help out everybody?

I love this place.