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Selling On Context, Don't Sleep

Today I'm going to teach you the secret to making money online. Okay, it's not really a secret because when I show you it's going to be so ridiculously obvious that you will think you knew it already.

However, because you're going to read this whole email, smile, nod your head, and buy me a drink, then that shows you aren't fully sold on the idea. It's my job to sell you on it.

You want to sell something to your audience. It could be an affiliate product or it could be your own product. Either way, you know you need a blog post to pull in traffic and so you have to figure out what you should write about. Maybe you're super advanced and want to rank for some keywords that will help you sell your product (again, or affiliate).

So how do you find those magical blog posts that will work?

There are actually two approaches and this is completely dependent on the type of product you're trying to sell. These two approaches separate your audience into two categories:

  1. Those who understand their problem and know there is a solution out there
  2. Those who understand their problem but don't know there is a solution out there

Let's look at the first audience.

These people know they need to wash clothes and they know a washing machine will help them so they don't search for "how to wash clothes" because they already know a washing machine will do it. Instead, they are searching for "the best washing machine for under $500".

They're ready to go right to the solution and find the best one.

The second audience understands that they need to wash their clothes but they don't know how so they search "how to wash clothes".

Do you understand the difference? When you want to make money with your business you need to understand where your audience is coming from. If you open a new tofu sausage restaurant then you can't just advertise how awesome tofu sausage is. You have to educate your audience first on tofu sausage because they have no idea what it is. You have to guide them along.

However, if you open a hamburger stand then you know everyone knows what a hamburger is so then you just have to focus on why your hamburgers are awesome.

I think a problem a lot of bloggers have is that they want ALL of the audiences and it's possible to get all of them, but not in a single blog post. There is actually a 3rd audience that goes along with the two I talk about above:

  1. Those who understand their problem and know there is a solution out there
  2. Those who understand their problem but don't know there is a solution out there
  3. Those who don't understand they have a problem.

Each of these audiences require different blog posts because they need different levels of education. Selling the Billionaire Blog Club only works on the people that understand they want a better life and blogging can help them.

It doesn't work on the people that don't know that it's almost impossible to scale your income at your job or that their job isn't going to provide them with the life they want.

Those people require a completely different approach. First, they need to know it's possible to make money without a 9-5 job. Then they can be shown how some people do it. THEN they can be shown that blogging is a viable option.

You can't just write any blog post you want, slap a couple links in it and expect sales.

If you try to sell me an oil change as I'm leaving the grocery store I'm going to ignore you.

It's all about context and who you are talking to at the moment.

You can't talk to everyone at the same time so when you do talk, make sure you know who you're talking to and the context of their situation.

If you can do that then you'll start making money.