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Playing the Blog Game

My favorite saying in the whole world is:

The game is the game.

That quote epitomizes every aspect of life. Whenever I would get down on myself and think that something isn't fair, I would tell myself that saying because that's how it is.

In life, everything we do involves the game and blogging is no different.

I come across a lot of starry-eyed bloggers and they like to tell me about how they are passionate about topic X and that is what they are going to write about.

Then later they complain about their lack of pageviews and how blogger Y is making $3,000 a month talking about a topic that they don't think is very important.

Well guess what?

The game is the game.

One of the main reasons why I created the Billionaire Blog Club is because a lot of bloggers are either stary-eyed or jaded.

For them, it's hard to see blogging for what it really is. It's why a blog with really shitty content can play the game and get one million pageviews while you're left wondering what you're doing wrong.

It's why some bloggers use other blogger's pins to link to their blogs so they get extra traffic.

Income reports? Whether you love them or hate them you can't deny that they work because they do.

It's way too easy to deny the game actually exists or that you're above it.

It's way too easy to believe that you are going to play a different game from everyone else.

You aren't.

You're playing the same game. You might be playing by your own set of rules but that doesn't mean you get to be frustated with the other blogger that is playing by more advantageous rules.

Scrivs, I don't want to do this...

Scrivs, but I don't think I should...

I get it. You have your mind set to work a certain way and you know exactly what you want to do.

The problem is you don't know if that is going to work.

You think it is because it's coming from your mind. A blogger's ego is a weird thing but what happens when it doesn't work?

You look around wondering why you aren't having the same luck as other bloggers.

Maybe another blogger is getting more pageviews than you but you believe you're writing better content. However, are they in a niche that is ripe for pageviews while you're in one that just isn't popping?

When I tell people that I ONLY start blogs in niches that do well on Pinterest they don't even blink or ask me why. They just say "okay" and then start a blog in some random niche.

I used to be the same way but then I realized I was trying to be better than the game.

Now? I see the game.

I see that I can start a blog in a super niche, write certain types of content, and then get rewarded for it.

Last week I showed BBC members a picture of how many people were on one of my sites. It was 170 people.

Yesterday I woke up and 250 people were on the site.

How do you do it, Scrivs? I pick topics that people are actively searching for, I write content around those topics, and then I promote the hell out of them.

That's the game. That's all I do.

There are other how to make money bloggers that make a lot more than me because they do a much better job of promoting their success.

I haven't done that yet for my own reasons but I'm fully aware that it is part of the game.

For example, you might like my work just from my writing. That's awesome but how much does your perception change if I tell you that this month just FOUR of my blogs will combine for over 2,000,000 pageviews?

What happens if I tell you that I earned over $30,000 (not pretend affiliate money that might not happen) this month without using any type of promotional ads or crazy sales sequences?

These aren't made up numbers. That is how my January is turning out and I'm going to write a full on income/experience report around it because it's time I play the game like some of these other bloggers.

But I'm going to do it with my style.

It's also why I'm going to have a YouTube channel and some other fun things.

To play the game you don't have to give up who you are but you need to understand the rules. If you actively avoid certain parts of the game that's on you and you need to be aware of that.

Don't be jealous that the other blogger is getting more traffic. You can get more traffic if you want to.

Maybe you need to change up your content or even your niche.

If you want more money maybe you actually have to email people more and actively sale harder.

You can't look at another blogger, expect to get their results, but play things completely different.

As we finish off the first month of 2018 you need to reflect on how what you've done so far and if you're going to keep doing the same things for the other 11 months.

Write down what you admire about other bloggers be it their traffic, content, revenue, social media following or whatever.

See if you can understand the rules they play by and how your own biases prevent you from competing at their level.

I can't look at that $30,000 number and say by June I want to get that to $100,000 without changing some things. I have to put myself out there more and play the game like the others.

But again, I have to make sure it's in my style because I need to be able to sleep peacefully at night.

Don't be foolish and believe that the game doesn't exists or that you aren't playing it.

It's out there and it's not going away.

Keep that in mind and you'll do much better with everything.

Have a great week,

- Scrivs