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Oozing Like Slime That Brand

This is meant for a FB Group so if you see it somewhere else don't think I got lazy. The message still applies to everyone.

I figured I'd do one last hurrah of a post in this group before I bow out this week from FB.

I know there has been a ton of talk about BBC and eventually when that happens more and more people become skeptical because it's like "what in the hell is this BBC Cult?!" It can't be that good or it's overhyped or maybe both!

I can understand that sentiment. I'm the exact same way when I see people talking about stuff over and over and over again like is Bluehost really the best?! ;)

I bring this up because I hope that as you move forward with this journey you start to understand the importance that your brand has on your future success. Of course, "brand" is one of those weird business terms that means different things to everyone so in this case let's define a brand as "the thoughts and feelings someone experience's when they think about you."

That means that pretty much everything that you do with your blog is a reflection of your brand.


When someone visits your site, the first words that they see sets the tone for your brand. The writing of your blog posts helps to strengthen that and so on and so on.

How you email people, how you interact with people on social media, everything that you do has to reflect the brand you're trying to convey.

That means over time (not right away if you don't want) you need to consider what emotions you want people to have when they think of your brand.

Sometimes I curse in my emails and I've had people write to tell me that I shouldn't do that and it's bad for how people will view me but I won't stop because that's how I communicate. I don't use those words to belittle anyone but sometimes those words are the EXACT words I need to get my feelings across.

I hope it shows that I'm real with my audience and they can trust what I'm saying. If you meet me in person I speak the exact same way. I want people to feel trust when they think of me so that means being authentic in every interaction.

It means telling people that they aren't putting the work in when they aren't. It means telling people that they're way better than they give themselves credit for.

If I don't respond to an email for whatever reason, then that probably reflects negatively on my brand for that one person.

The stronger you can build a tribe of people that have a positive experience with your brand and therefore strong emotions towards it, the further you will go and the longer you will last.

I know your head is down trying to master this Pinterest, SEO, and affiliate marketing game, but always keep in mind, even when working on those things, how do you want people to feel when they come across you? Whether you want to believe it or not, your brand oozes through everything that you do.

Notice how I'm not talking about your logo or your colors or things like that? Those things mean nothing to your audience until they understand your brand and what it represents. Only after that happens does that logo mean something (good or bad) to them.

Most importantly, don't look around at everyone else and think "this is how they present things so that's how I should do it." Your brand has to be 100% authentic to you or it will fall apart. It will just feel wrong to both you and your audience.

I know some of this is just pie in the sky talk because most of you just want them dollars right now and I'm with you on that. But building a brand over time doesn't mean you have to put it on the back burner and wait for the right time. Your brand starts the day you introduce yourself to the world.

I don't ask people to promote BBC, that's their choice. I don't do it because I don't like when people do it to me and if they have negative emotions towards my brand it wouldn't be genuine for them to pretend that they do. That's a bad reflection on their brand.

I can only hope that the people that talk about BBC (and Momo in the future) are being authentic with their words.

If you're building an awesome business that brings value to your Tribe then to others outside of the tribe they will seem like a cult (yoga, veganism, Apple, etc). There is nothing to get around that. All you can do is embrace the fact that you're trying your best to provide value to your world and that people are accepting of that fact.

Sometime this week why don't you sit down and look at your site and your emails. Read what you are writing and think about if they are provoking any type of feelings from people. It's possible that every word you write makes people feel nothing, that's not good.

That awesome welcome mat that people see RIGHT when they visit your site is increasing your subscriber count but what message is it sending most of your audience. Does your brand understand them or do they just want something from them?

You want people to feel like you understand them. We are emotional creatures. We think with our feelings and we crave attachments. We want to know we aren't alone in this world and that others understand us.

Does your brand do that for your intended audience?

- Scrivs