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...Not Having It Is

Over the weekend, Carly from Mommy on Purpose, posted something in her Facebook group. The context was that you shouldn't strive to make a ton of money with your blog if you're sacrificing all of your time with your loved ones.

I think most people would agree with that. There were some parts I disagreed with and I wrote about them. Here is my response:

I'm going to go against the grain here and disagree with this point:

"If you can take your blog to the place where it earns just a couple thousand per month if you can stay at home and pay for the groceries - it doesn't MATTER if you don't ever make it "big".

Why? Because I've found that when people make just enough with their job or their blog they still stress about life. You know how I get to spend way more time with my family than I ever did? When my sites started making enough money to cover MONTHS of expenses each month.

If you have the skills to get your blog to the point where it covers your expenses each month is it really that much more work to get it to another level? I don't think so. I can't think of what I do way more than other people that have taken time away from my family.

I'd be willing to bet most people here work harder on their sites than me.

I get the sentiment that you shouldn't be spending every waking hour working on your business and forgetting your family but the mindset of "I'm making just enough, now I can relax" is only going to lead into trouble when Pinterest makes a change and you start freaking out or your ad rates drop and you start freaking out.

Every single person in here can create a business where one month can help them cover 3 months of expenses (unless you own a yacht and private plane).

If you're busting your ass after months of work and just barely scratching the surface of making money (you won't like me saying this) then you have to consider you might be doing something wrong.

My goal of trying to make as much money as possible without sacrificing all of my time was so I could spend more time with family and friends doing all of the experiences that we want. If you're aiming just for grocery money then you're going to be stuck forever just making grocery money.

Sure, make that one of your magical numbers but don't make it the last one.

You know the last time I published a blog post? I think it was April.

If you're on my mailing list then you know I'm not pumping out emails. In fact, when you get an email from me (beyond the 12-day blogging bootcamp) it's usually something that I wrote that morning in about 45 minutes.

Yes you need to bust your ass to get to a certain level but don't be fooled into thinking that you have to be hustling 24/7 to make that good good money.

For those in the bleachers saying it's not fair because I have so many sites I'll say that most of them don't make anything. Why? Because I don't work on them.


  • 1 blog makes $3k a month from ads
  • 1 blog makes $10k a month from ads
  • 1 site does $35k a month in memberships
  • 1 site does over $20k a month whenever I open the doors

Do things the right way and you can spend all of the time you want with your family doing exactly what you want without constantly worrying about traffic or money.

Carly agreed with that sentiment and we both agreed that you shouldn't be sacrificing your LIFE to making money at the expense of your loved ones.

Then a nice person joined in and said this:

...freedom isn’t a function of wealth.

If you live on an island where currency doesn't matter then I completely agree with that.

If you live a life where you don't spend anything to enjoy the life experiences that you want then I agree that.

However, neither apply to me.

Last month my son had to have surgery (non-life threatening) and it costs us $6,000. I didn't even have to blink or move funds around or ask for help.

That's freedom.

My wife's dad got sick earlier this year and the next day I flew her and my son to Florida to be with him for a month. I made sure she covered her parents' groceries and whatever other help they needed. Again, I didn't have to worry about if this was going to be an issue or stress about money.

That's freedom.

I never have to worry about where my next meal is coming from or if the bill collectors are going to bang down my door. My wife and I don't have arguments about money.

When I want my family to visit I buy them a ticket. When my friends visit I don't have to check my bank account to see if there is enough money for the place they want to eat at.

Money has afforded me that freedom. I'm by no means wealthy (still working towards that), but money has definitely made life easier which is freedom to me.

I've lived where I had to buy a single pizza to tide me over for the week because I had no other money. I didn't feel free.

I've lived where I was waiting for the repo man to come to take my car. I didn't feel free.

I've lived where I had to move back in with my parents in my late 20s. I definitely didn't feel free.

I've had to borrow money from friends and family. Didn't feel free either then.

Should your life revolve around money? Of course not! But that doesn't mean you have to pretend that money isn't a big deal in your life.

This next BBC thing I'm working on is based around you having the decision of making however much money you want. I don't mean enough to quit your job. I mean enough to retire earlier. I mean enough to travel the world. I mean enough to live the life you want for yourself without restrictions.

You can do this by building something you're proud of and people love.

And that means I have to build things from the ground up.

I'm not tied to money. I'm not constantly checking my bank account counting the dollars that are coming in.

I want everyone to live in a world where money isn't an issue. I'm not going to pretend this is some Disney movie where the moral of the story is "you don't need money to live a happy life."

If we're all playing the same game of life then the people with money have every advantage than the ones that don't. Let me rephrase that.

The people that are able to build something that generates the money that they desire have every advantage than the ones that don't.

This week we are going to talk about your Magical Numbers. You have more than one even though currently you might just be focused on the first one.

Let's rip shit up this week.

- Scrivs

PS: One of my favorite quotes:

Having money is not everything, not having it is.