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Learning Sucks, Not Kinda

I've opened up the BBC today in a surprise move because I learned some lessons over the weekend. Read below to understand what I'm talking about.

Last month I had a whole catastrophe with a fish stand. It was a big deal and you knew about it if you were on this list before.

Anyways, this series of events has led me to pursue woodworking as a thing.

I'm serious.

I've now purchased a ridiculous amount of tools and over the weekend I completed 90% of a brand new fish stand (will be done today).

I watched so many videos on YouTube and read so many articles that it made me realize this experience isn't much different than learning how to blog.

What I mean by this is that when the idea of making my own furniture popped in my head I got super excited (like starting a blog).

When I started to watch videos and see what others were creating I got even more excited (like reading income reports).

When I started buying power tools I stayed excited because in my mind it meant I was making a commitment (like buying web hosting).

Then it came time to build the actual stand.

Hmmmmm...on the videos the people are cutting, gluing and screwing furniture together in less than 15 minutes.

I know it's edited but you don't always keep this in mind.

I spent a whole day just cutting wood the way I liked it.

A. Whole. Day.

When I tried to put pieces together it was awkward and clunky.

When I had to open up the shitty instructions for the powertools I started to get frustrated because I couldn't dive right in and do what I wanted.

I screwed up so many times and it annoyed the hell out of me.

I looked around my makeshift workshop and wondered if I made a terrible mistake.

Now please keep in mind this is all happening in a span of a week so things are moving quickly.

It's when I realized that I love the idea of learning but I sometimes struggle with the process of learning when things don't come to me quickly.

This can be a problem for a lot of adults.

When we are younger we have a structure to help us understand that there is a process (a semester) to learn something. We often forget the struggles that we go through just to get to the end of the school year.

As adults we get to do what we want and we usually choose the easiest option. The one we know we can do.

The funny thing is if you're like me, you think you can do almost anything you see someone else do.

All you need are some instructions.

But watching and doing are completely different things.

Doing means frustration and anger.

Doing is what leads you to give up when you don't get the results you see others getting.

It sucks.

But we don't really learn unless we do (something).

I'm a better woodworker today than I was last week but only because I took action.

I still suck but I suck a bit less.

The same thing happens with every single bit of blogging.

You're a better writer today than you were last week.

You're better at Pinterest (brand new Billionaire Blogging Pinterest version coming out Friday) today than you were 3 months ago.

You become better because you take action. It's frustrating as hell but those frustrations are usually micro moments.

The macro moments occur when you reach a goal or achieve a win.

When I completed the very basic frame of the stand yesterday I sat there looking at it for 15 minutes with a dumb look on my face.

I was proud.

It's nothing more than a box. But it's my dumb box that I built. All of that frustration led to something I'm proud of.

Some of you out there could pick up woodworking quicker than me and knowing that might lead to frustration. But it's part of the process.

Anyways, hopefully, I tied this woodworking thing into blogging. It takes time but it's a lot easier when you have others doing it with you and that is what the Billionaire Blog Club is about.

Since I'm just randomly opening things up and tossing it your way I'll keep the doors open until Friday.

Remember there are payment plan options (that you can find on the join page) so I try to make it accessible to everyone.

I'm not a big fan of scare tactics so please don't take this as such but when the doors open up again in June the price is definitely going to be in the $400s to start.

I hope you have a great week and learn some things.

- Scrivs