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I Take Ideas

You know what sucks about blogging? Patience.


A lot of people lack patience in blogging because they see so many awesome results by others. If I told you that with Thrive/Strive I only got 1,600 pageviews in 90 days would that make you a bit more patient with your blog?


What if I told you that I've also received 400,000 pageviews in the first 60 days of a different blog, would you have patience then?

Probably not.

And that's the thing with blogging. None of us blog in a vacuum. We are constantly comparing ourselves with others even though everyone says some stupid shit like "don't compare your beginning with someone else's middle."

That's right, I said that is stupid and here is why.

If I am getting started in a niche and I find a popular blog that has done well and discover that it took them 6 months to get up to $3,000 in monthly revenue then why can't I do it?

In fact, the blog has already laid out the blueprint for me!

I can see their content. I can see how they make money. Sales funnel? I can just sign up for their mailing list.


If it takes me 3 years to get to $3,000 in monthly revenue when it took them 6 months I should compare my middle to their middle. And my middle is waaay behind. I screwed up somewhere.

Note: what you can't compare is the time you have every day to work on something or how long it will take you to pick up a skill. That's a completely different thing.

That's why I always say blogging is a great business to enter because everything is out there in the open.

I read an income report the other day and the blogger said they were no longer going to do monthly income reports because other people were stealing their strategies.

Excuse me for a second.




I've seen what they blog about and guess what? I've seen it on other blogs before they even wrote it.

I've seen their products and guess what? I've seen other products EXACTLY like that before they even created anything.

They looked at what made others successful and did the same thing but for some reason, they think they are the unique butterflies in this world.


You know where I would be if I said: "shit, there are already courses on Pinterest, affiliate marketing, and SEO out there, I need to find something really unique"? I wouldn't be here talking to you right now.

When you start to inject your views on things along with your personality your business will become more YOU. In a sense, it will be unique but let's not pretend the ideas for your content or products when starting off are some magical revelation.

If you're trying to do that, you are wasting your time.

I'm working on a brand new blogging product. Its idea is based on another product but it takes it to such a whole new level that people will think its never been done before. It hasn't been done like this but that doesn't mean its concept has never been done before.

I had someone ask me the other day if a blog in a certain niche they were thinking about was going to be profitable. I told them to go find me another blog in that same niche that they think is profitable.

Why bother guessing what will work in blogging when starting off? Everyone else has already done the research for you!

Bloggers, like every other creative, hold on to their ideas too tightly. They think that whatever forms in their head is their own original idea that nobody else should be able to touch. Well, guess what? Odds are you were only able to form that idea because of looking at other ideas over time.


I just made that word up and I was only able to do that by randomly smashing keys on a keyboard.

Anything else that I think of is because of the experiences I've had with other people's ideas. I don't steal ideas. Ideas can't be stolen. They are always out there.

I take ideas.

I take ideas and I mold them into my own vision.

There are some bloggers that take ideas and do nothing with them but slap their name on them. That's pointless. Whatever you put out has no soul to it. It's like when someone "steals" my pin designs. It's not like I have a copyright on those designs but the copycats always look worse.

I would love one day for someone take my design and make it better.

I would love for someone to look at my posts, take the idea of them and make them better.

If someone creates a better Billionaire Blog Club should I be upset? Yes. At the person? No.

Then who?


It's on me to create better for me and my audience. If someone else does it better then props to them, they deserve it. That's business.

Too many of you hold blogging personally because it's done in private. You sit at your computer in your room and you pretty much do it alone. There's an intimacy with blogging so it feels weird when you release it into the world and someone else takes it.

You feel violated in a way that just doesn't seem fair.

It happens.

The secret to all of this is that nobody can replicate YOU. That's why your imprint needs to be on everything that you do. Don't want to write the way you really want to because you're scared you'll upset some people? Well, that's not leaving an imprint.

It's only natural that people try to compare the Billionaire Blog Club to other big blogging programs out there but I can only laugh.


They aren't competing with me on my content. They are competing with me on ME.

Okay, maybe you don't feel comfortable taking product ideas. I can understand that. What do you do then? Find the gaps in the products that are out there and fill in those gaps with your own stuff.

I won't talk about how to do that because I know you're smart enough to figure it out.

Today is Monday and you have two options:

  1. Own it.
  2. Moan it.

Actually, you only have one option. Own it.

- Scrivs