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Fighting Perfectionism

I've come to learn there are two types of creators:

  1. Those that put their head down and go (me)
  2. Those that want to make sure every detail is perfect (my wife)

My style of teaching and giving advice follows exactly how I live. I just put my head down and go.

Some of you completely ignore me when I tell you to do that because you like to call yourself a perfectionist and I can understand that.

But I'm here to tell you that you're doing it wrong.

You see, I'm a perfectionist once I know something works.

If I finally happen upon a blog design that I know works, then I'll tweak the hell out of it until it's perfect to me.

If I create a product that's kicking ass, then I'll continue to work on it until it's perfect.

However, I don't waste my time trying to make everything perfect before I know it's going to work.

When I tell people that they should just focus on the things that will get them 100 pageviews they look at me crazy.

  • What about the perfect theme?
  • What about the perfect sales funnel?
  • What about the perfect Pinterest workflow?

You don't know the perfect of any of those until you put them into action.

That's why I just go. I probably need to do a better job of taking a step back and tweaking what's working but sometimes I get caught up in momentum.

It's why many BBC members are starting to see the results they hoped for. They've put their heads down and just got to work. They didn't get caught up in the little details that won't make a difference unless they find something that works.

So I'm not telling you that you should ignore your perfectionist tendencies. I'm just telling you that you need to pick and choose when to use them.

Take a look at this sales video I did for the BBC 28-Day Challenges.

It's not great but I got so much other shit going on right now I couldn't spend the time getting it to where I wanted especially since I'm dealing with a lot of new technology.

However, I did do something that I'm guessing should be good enough to generate some sales.

The next iteration of the video will be better and the version after that will be awesome.

My blog posts have grammatical errors. My videos have speaking errors.

Nothing I've done is perfect and yet here we are. Could I be making more money if I spent more time perfecting things? Possibly and now that I see which things work I can afford to spend time perfecting them.

But it took a lot of experimenting to get here and experiments are messy.

A perfect garden only occurs when after you clean the dirt off your clothes.

- Scrivs