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February Slump

Yep, it's me again.

I've been up since 2 am so this isn't one of those fancy planned emails that all of the bloggers do. In fact, rarely are my emails to you ever planned lol.

Anyways, I was sitting here working on some blogs (yes, plural, please save me from myself) when for some reason I realized that a lot of people have been talking about crappy numbers in February.

That can be tough having good numbers one day and then bad numbers the next.

But here's the secret...

Successful bloggers power through these moments. They evaluate (not overthink, evaluate) what is going on with their blog and see if they need to make adjustments and continue to push forward.

This is tough because (this is going to hurt for some of you to read) you might lack perspective.

You really might think that your content, post titles, pins, and pinning strategy are all on point. It's the world that is screwing up, not you.

For some niches, that is true. You might not want blogging to be seasonal but it definitely can be.

For others though you're looking at your traffic and really trying to figure out what's wrong.

What's interesting to me is that a lot of people default to their promotion strategy. Their thinking is that traffic must be down because they aren't pinning enough or pinning to the right places.

They bang their heads against the wall trying to unlock that Pinterest secret but they never sit down to look at their content and figure out if it's something that people really want.

If your post titles aren't enticing then why would anyone click over? If your post content isn't valuable then why would anyone share?

Blogging is not about your creativity (seriously, you know there are some shitty blogs doing amazing numbers). Blogging isn't your workspace to be cute with things.

Blogging is your chance to help people solve problems and when you do that you're rewarded.

Cuteness and creativity work well when you've established yourself a bit and know what your audience wants.

I don't tell you to look at popular posts in your niche and mimic them for my own health. Some of you take that advice and run with it while others are pretty defiant which I can understand.

You want to blog your way. You don't want to copy another person's post title (of course, throw in your own twist). You want to prove to yourself that you can do your own titles that don't follow the tried and true marketing trends of the past 150 years.

When it comes to your content you don't think it needs to be long (aka super helpful). You think that your 600 words are good enough to get the point across.

(This pep talk is turning into a rant, no clue how that happened.)

Oh, I know why I'm writing this. It's because last night I sat down and started doing content research on my 2nd tier blogs that need attention. All of the content ideas I found bore me to death.

I have absolutely no desire to write any of them.

Believe me, writing about how you can lose weight with apple cider vinegar doesn't fill me up with joy.

However, I know all of these content ideas have a chance of working and I know that this is a business. This business I've built allows me to work in some creativity in other areas but sometimes, blogging is boring as shit.

Your audience is boring. They just want a simple solution to a simple problem.

If you don't provide that then someone else will.

Okay, back to the pep talk.

Slumps happen. There is no such thing as permanent upward growth in the blog world. On the down months are you going to still put in the work or even more work than the successful months?

That's what you need to ask yourself. Are you continuously building your foundation or does your foundation only get built when things are rainbows and unicorns?

YOU chose to do this. YOU chose to build a business.

You can choose to abandon ship at any time but looking at your numbers and feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to change a thing.

I often say "it's your world" and I truly mean it. Your blog is your world. You can take control of where it goes but that's ALL on you.

Will the work you put in today ensure that there is no slump next February?

Get at this.

- Scrivs

PS: It very well could be your Pinterest strategy needs work but don't let that always be the default of what you fall back on. It's no coincidence that one or two posts on your blog take off while others don't. Some need more time while others aren't going to go anywhere.

Just something to think about.