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The Ebb and Flow of Blogging

Hi there. Today I'm going to address something that continues to come up over email and Slack.

Today we are going to talk about the ebb and flow of blogging.

A lot of BBC Members are starting to experience growth with their blogs and that is very exciting. When you see growth you never want the growth to stop.

When this happens I often get asked how can you keep the momentum going and the reality is that you usually can't. You can do some small things to slightly prolong it but eventually, the growth will slow down for a tiny bit until the next wave of growth.

For example, let's say a post of yours goes viral and you get 3,000 pageviews in a day. The next day you get 3,500 and the day after that 4,000. A week later you might be down to 500 pageviews again and feel like you screwed up.

You didn't.

This is just natural blog growth.

What usually happens is that before a post goes viral your blog has a "floor" with regards to traffic meaning if you didn't do anything for a week, you could still guarantee that you'd get X amount of pageviews.

After you have a post go viral then that floor rises a bit.

Each time you post something that a lot of people love the floor continues to rise.

So if you're wondering how do you keep momentum going with regards to growth then the answer is pretty simple:

Write content that people want to read + Promote that content to the people that want to read it.

You might be thinking "Scrivs, don't be a jackass, that's the exact same advice you gave us when we started our blogs."


For some reason a lot of you think that once you reach a new level of traffic the game changes. It doesn't. I don't keep things simple for you when you start off only to come up with some complex blogging algorithm later on.

My approach to my 100 pageviews a month blog is the same as it is with my 500,000 pageviews a month blog.

I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not withholding some secret formula to all of this. In fact, it can get boring doing the exact same blogging tasks over and over again but when you find something that works you stick with it.

When your blog reaches a nice point (I don't have exact numbers) you'll see that your analytics looks like a wave. Some days are really good, some days not so much.

Blog traffic isn't a flatline or a ramp that just goes up.

On the up days continue doing the things that I teach you.

On the down days continue doing the things that I teach you.

Take a look at this chart:


Here are some of the pageview numbers for this blog:

  • 1/1: 39,180
  • 1/8: 23,846
  • 1/15: 12,652
  • 1/22: 10,589

A steady decline throughout this month. Time to panic? No, because the site has done the most traffic ever and I know that I'm writing content that is appealing to my audience.

Now if it continues to free fall past December's floor, which was 1,739 pageviews, on a consistent basis then I know I screwed up somewhere but I don't see that happening.

Instead, I'm looking ahead to see how I can write more awesome content that will continue to take the blog to higher levels.

I'm also acutely aware that some things are seasonal. Maybe I hit upon a topic that works well for just this moment. As you grow your blog you'll find that there can be a difference of 200,000+ pageviews between months.

There is no reason to sweat your current traffic being 5,000 pageviews less than last month's.

Blog traffic ebbs and flows. It will take you a while to get a feel for how your traffic works so have some patience, keep your head down, and continue to push forward.

- Scrivs