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Discipline and Regret

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

- Jim Rohn

I'm not a mastermind. Let's get that out of the way.

I'm not someone that does things that you can't do.

I had to get a job one day and I regretted that I didn't take the opportunity to build something for myself when I had the chance.

When I was without a job and got put into a corner then I didn't miss that chance again.

Now, here I am the world's most popular blogger. Okay, that last bit was bullshit but I had to feed my ego some.

One of my blogs, Thrive/Strive, does over 400,000 pageviews a month.

This is pretty cool, but you know what? The first 90 days the site got a total of 1,600 pageviews.

One thousand six hundred pageviews over 90 days.

Every single one of you reading this can do better than that.

But you know what else?

I didn't have a support group to run to and cry to the high heavens about the lack of traffic I wasn't getting in my 2nd month of blogging.

I didn't have it in my third month either.

All I had was the discipline to stick to it, see what was working and what wasn't working, and then fixing things.

I always say that most people aren't made for blogging or starting their own business. The idea is too romantic for them but when they get into the weeds they can't take it.

Blogging itself is very easy and therefore an ideal job to have. You sit at a computer and you write stuff.

Nobody to bother you and you set your own schedule.

That's great.

But making it all work requires more. You know this.

It requires a lot of different pieces to come together and most people hate that.

Some people can objectively look at their content and see that it's not good enough to generate the numbers that they want. So what do they do? They work on being a better writer.

Most people can't objectively do that. They see someone else blogging and so they blog and think they've done just as good as a job.

Pinterest has been making a ton of changes lately and that means I have to buckle down and do more experiments to see if there is a better way to pin. I don't want to do this.

I want to be lazy but I can't afford to be with this stuff.


I get better while most people stay still.

MOST OF YOU have whacked out expectations of how all of this is supposed to work out.

Let's be real. You don't deserve success just because you decided to start blogging.

You don't deserve it.

You don't deserve success because you're passionate about something.

You don't deserve success because you bought a blogging resource that teaches you how to do something.

I understand the frustration of not getting traffic or not making money but I also know I didn't cry about it. I didn't look around and think that the world was against me.

I sat down and plugged away at things until I figured them out. If someone told me this is how I should do something and I did it and it still didn't work then I had to question why.

I might not have the best discipline in the world when it comes to a lot of things but I do have the best discipline when it comes to me needing to understand something.


Because I've been in the position where I've sat at a desk making someone else rich. I didn't need much discipline because I was good at what I did (just like you're great at your job).

This may sound crazy but there are a lot of times where I wish I didn't create the Billionaire Blog Club.

The reason why is that I can tell when someone just doesn't have it for this blogging thing. I can see it.

Everything is supposed to happen easily. Success is supposed to occur within the first couple of weeks because this is what they imagined.

When nothing is working it's because their Pinterest strategy is failing and not their content.

When people aren't buying their book it's because they don't have enough traffic and not that people just don't care about it.

I can't help these people because they don't listen. They don't want to. They want things to happen their way.

The reason why I don't have the ULTIMATE ROADMAP TO BLOGGING SUCCESS is because there isn't one. Each path is completely different along with the experience of blogging.

It's frustrating more often than it's not at the beginning.

Discipline isn't about sitting down at the computer and torturing yourself. Discipline is about constantly trying to do better and cut down the trees that are in your way so that path to success becomes more clear.

I don't cut down those trees for you. I give you a dull machete that you have to sharpen yourself.

I don't pretend to do more.

I just don't want you to regret because you didn't swing hard enough.

- Scrivs

PS: Doors to the Billionaire Blog Club will close tomorrow night.

I'm not sure if I'll send you one of those fancy reminder emails or not because it's Friday and you never know what's gonna happen on Fridays!