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cats are better than dogs

When I was little I had cats. I loved those cats. I thought cats were awesome.

Some people, or maybe a lot, just don't care for cats. It's not that they hate them, they just don't have any feelings towards cats.

Cats are meh to them.

But again, I love cats. I love them because they are independent. When they want something from you they will let you know but beyond that, leave them alone. Let them do their thing.

Lots of people love dogs. I have 4 dogs now because my wife loves dogs. I have nothing against dogs. Dogs are cool.

I still like cats better.

Cats are me. Cats are the animals that don't want the 9-5. They want to do their own thing because they like living like that.

Dogs have no problem falling into a routine and will do what the boss tells them to do. That's okay. It makes for good living.

But cats don't play that game.

Whether you like cats or dogs or neither I'm going to tell you right now that you're a cat. You're tired of what the world tells you that you should do. It's time you do things your way.

Because that's what cats do.

On Monday we talked about finding your path. When you have a path you don't need motivation. Let me repeat that.

Motivation is not needed when you know exactly what you need to do.

Motivation is needed when you have no clue what the hell to do and you need the courage to push forward with something, anything.

Cats don't need motivation. I know, I know, you're screaming at me telling me that cats are lazy but have you seen a cat hunt? When it's time to get its kill on its efficient. It knows exactly the steps need to get the task done.

Because you're a cat that wants that independence you need to learn how to hunt. You need to learn all of the steps to capture your prey.

That prey could be money, an audience, traffic, a great brand, a product or something else. Everything is a hunt and it is much easier to hunt when you know the steps.

Yesterday I asked if you wanted me to give you 10 topics that would get you the audience that you need for your business. A lot of you replied that yes, you wanted those topics but there is a problem with this.

Very few of you asked if the topics would apply directly to your audience. You want the bait to catch a bird (like a cat) but you don't know if that bait is a carrot, yogurt, or a kangaroo.

You know that is silly.

Going back to this motivation thing, you want a plan so motivation isn't a factor. Great.

But what if you also had bait to go along with the plan?


Tomorrow, I'm going to introduce you to the bait.

Friday, I'm going to introduce you to the plan.

After that you get to catch whatever you want.


- Scrivs

PS: Have you ever seen a cat or a dog try something and it not work out for them and then they try it again and again and again? You probably sit there thinking "stupid animal" but is it really stupid or is it just trying something, tweaking the approach, and trying again?

Sounds a lot like business.

Animals aren't trying to be perfect on the first try. They're just trying to get a result. If they don't get it, they try a different approach. They experiment.

Humans are the "stupid animal" that want things to be perfect on the first try and then end up doing absolutely nothing because they aren't sure if they can get it perfect on the first try.

So they end up not getting what they want in the end.

How stupid is that?