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Burn Your Ships

Sunday's newsletter didn't go out because...well it didn't.

However, watching people in Slack today (you are all up in the Slack, right?!) I see a recurring theme so I figured I would push out a midweek newsletter.

Burn Your Ships

Forget about blogging for a second. What you are trying to do is build up an alternative source of income for yourself.

That sounds ideal but it's not that easy to do and one of the reasons why it's not easy to do is because it goes against what you are used to doing.

If you are used to paying your bills from having a 9-5 job then that's a habit that builds up over time. You're used to it.

When you're starting your blog you part of you knows it doesn't have to be successful because you have a paycheck coming in one way or another.

I always like to tell this story:

There is an army going to war and they are sailing across the sea. When they land on shore the general tells them to burn the ships.

They are terrified but they follow orders.

Why did he make them burn the ships? Because he knew they would use the ships as a crutch. If things weren't looking good they could always rely on the idea that they could run back to the ships and escape.

For many of you, your paycheck is your ship. You don't have to push yourself hard with this blogging stuff because if it fails you'll be alright.

Sometimes you have to be aware of the ships you have in life.

I'm not telling you to quit your job but to just understand that subconsciously knowing you have a paycheck coming in can be holding you back.

Your Why

I probably don't talk about this enough and it's something that I need to do a better job of but everybody has a Why for getting into blogging and it isn't money.

Believe it or not money is a terrible motivator. Especially when you aren't making much at the beginning.

Instead, you need to find a very specific Why that you can always recite that will remind you of why you're actually going on this crazy journey.

For example, I truly believe my life is better when my family is happy. If I want to be the happiest I can be then my family needs to be happy.

This means that they are no longer worried about money because that has been a major issue in my family's life. That means they are no longer worried about bills or going to work at a job they shouldn't be doing.

When I wake up and I tell myself I don't feel like working today I remind myself of my Why. If this Why doesn't push me to get some stuff done then it's not really why I'm doing this.

Trust me, saying you want to quit your job or you want to make more money probably isn't going to push you every single day.

Some days it will but there will be part of you that just says "meh, it can wait".

When your Why is actually tied to something that you feel emotionally strong about that is something different. When my mom calls me up to tell me how her body hurts and she's worked another 60 hours I feel pain because in the past I should've done more.

I'm doing more now and I'm making sure I'm getting closer each day because of that Why.

BELIEVE ME I would rather sit on my ass and not do anything most days but I don't have that option.

I have no ships to fall back on and I have a Why pushing me forward.

Finish this week off strong no matter how hard it is going to be.

- Scrivs

PS: The main reason why I got into this blogging thing and was successful was because if I didn't succeed then I wouldn't have a roof over my head or food to eat. There were days where I was scrounging for change just to get a $0.99 sandwich from Wendy's.

Those kinds of situations help you really focus on what you need to do to succeed. What can you do today to get one step closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

Is it finding the right font? Is it trying to figure out the best email opt-in? Is it creating the perfect pin?

Probably not. When you don't feel like doing much then just do what you can to take another step forward.