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Building a Blog Skyscraper

First, Happy New Years!

I'm going to start this thing off with some traffic snapshots from yesterday.






These are 4 of my blogs.

Now, before you jump out of your seat I'll say that these numbers are only happening because of the New Year. The different topics that these blogs cover really explode this time of year.

However, that shouldn't take away with how awesome these numbers are. I don't usually pat myself on the back because I'm supposed to know how to do these things but I'm patting myself on the back for one simple reason:

I prepared months ahead of time for this moment.

I'm not the biggest planner in the world. I kind of just wing it when it comes to everything. However, I kept my eye on the end of December and beginning of January because I know I always mentally drift away during this time of year.

I have absolutely no desire to work.


And that can be a dangerous thing when you run your own business. At the beginning, if you don't work then you don't grow.

That's it. So you either take two roads:

  1. You become so obssessed that you can't stop working and end up overworking
  2. You don't see results so you tend to fade with your work

When I become obssessed I get told that I'm working too hard and I need a break. I understand why people say this but they also need to understand I do it because I know there are going to be times when I don't want to work at all.

You already know the crazy amount of blogs I run. Between November and December I personally wrote 1 post.

1 post across 14 blogs.

I've had 6 posts published total over that same time period.

2 months. 7 posts. 14 blogs.

That's nothing and yet look at the traffic numbers?

I don't bring these numbers up to brag or make you feel like you don't stand a chance with this blogging thing. I bring up these numbers to show that it doesn't have to be an endless grind if you do things correctly.

However, I do show you these numbers so you understand that there are times where you need to grind.

There are times when you need to dig in.

There are times when you need to shut up, stop telling yourself "this is the time for you" and just do it.

Put in the work now.

You're tired. I get it.

You're mentally not motivated. I get it.

You're frustrated with lack of grwoth. I get it.

But so what?

If you feel like this on a good day imagine how you're going to feel on the bad days?

Blogging is about building your own skyscraper. Every month you're trying to add a new level to your skyscraper.

At some point you can see over a couple of the buildings. A little bit later you get to see over more.

Eventually (if you're doing things correctly), you'll get to see over most buildings and you'll get a view that you never expected. You'll also get an opportunity to pause and enjoy that view.

Most bloggers don't get here because they aren't consistently adding more foundations to their skyscraper. They're keeping an eye on the street level and only seeing what's in front of them.


I'm looking up at the clouds with the understanding that busting my ass now is going to allow me to take a break later.

I always tell you that there is no big secret to blogging.

You write the content your audience wants.

You promote that content to the people that want to read it.

That's it. If you do that on a consistent basis then you'll get to where you want to go.

However, there is something else that I often forget to add to all of that and that is working hard on the right things.

You can work hard for years on your blog and go nowhere and that's because you aren't working on the right things.

Then there are some of you that are "working hard" but you really don't understand the definition of "working hard".

You were sold a blog dream that this is all so easy to do so you kind of expect things to just happen. You're too caught up in the possibilities of blogging without keeping a level head and understanding the work that goes into it.

Building a skyscraper, an actual one, takes a LOT of work yet from an outsider's perspective we see how easily the builders are moving around and then one day it's all done.

The builders understand the struggle, though.

It's the 2nd day of 2018. That gives you about 364.5 days left to work on your skyscraper this year.

Who knows. Maybe if things go right you only need 304.5 days to build it. The other 60 can be spent looking over the horizon.

In the second half of January I have something special coming out for you. I'll go into detail in later emails but this is something different that you've never seen before.

It's going to be awesome and it will change your blog game forever.

- Scrivs