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Boring Blog Personalities

Tomorrow, (I think) that other big blogging course thing goes on sale.

You might be thinking "what the hell Scrivs, why would you bring that up? BBC FOR LIFE!!"

And I appreciate that sentiment.

I bring it up because some of you are probably in a sales funnel by one of the affiliates or maybe the head honcho themselves. If so you've already received emails by them leading you to free series and other things.

I want you to pay attention to these things.

It's important to see how other bloggers do things. It's basically free education for you if you know how to pay attention.

I used to subscribe to a healthy amount of different bloggers because I needed to see how they do things and to be honest with you...

Most of them suck.

This might make you nervous because you don't want to suck with your emails!

But don't get nervous.

What made them suck is that they bored me to death.

People get so caught up in making sure their sales funnels have the "right" emails or that they are reaching their audience, they forget that they need to add some spice to things.

Selling as a blogger is completely different than selling as a company.

You're a one-person show and your audience knows that. They want to know YOU.

Too many bloggers leave themselves out of emails and that makes them really shitty.

The emails, not the bloggers.

Here's the thing that a lot of bloggers are scared to do: picking a side.

When you pick a side you show your personality. It shows your viewpoint of the world.

When you don't pick a side you end up giving advice like "follow your passion and you'll succeed". Generic sayings that will just make people roll their eyes.

Picking a side gets people to connect to you and I know the phrase itself "picking a side" seems kind of aggressive and I'm not trying to convey that at all.

I just mean that you need to show you have an opinion about things because opinions are what show your personality.

Everything in your blogging world can't be great. Don't you get suspicious of the people that pretend life is always great?

I've been told a couple of times recently (which is weird) that I'm a good copywriter but the thing is I never took classes for this stuff.

I just do me.

The blogging advice I give is always focused on growing as quickly as possible because I know you want to see results but sometimes people take that to mean they need to remove their personality from the mix.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

I want you to write the content people want to read but I also want you to make it YOURS.

It can be scary putting yourself out there and showing a bit of personality because you're scared of chasing some people away.

The people you chase away are the ones that can't connect to you anyways.

One of the coolest things that happened to me last month is a mother of two wrote to me and said she signed up to BBC because I cursed.

Wait let me find the email...

Also, I'm sure your videos are awesome and everyone raves about your lessons and community, but the biggest selling point for me is that you swear. Seriously. As a mom of two toddlers and one on the way, I need some freaking real in my life that involves talking like an adult. Sound weird? Probably, but I don't care. :-P

I've starred that email and I'm going to revisit it every week to remind myself that I just have to be me.

Because I write across so many different niches blogging can be super BLAAAAAH most of the time. The only thing that makes it tolerable is that I get to inject MYSELF into each of my posts.

Ny first focus is helping my audience but that doesn't mean I can't make myself laugh in my writing.

That doesn't mean I can't spit some hard truths.

> 85% of the BBC is composed of women.

I'm a dude that curses (when I find it necessary) and approaches blogging with a mindset that isn't rainbows and butterflies.

I'm competing against superhero women bloggers that know exactly how to approach women and speak to their audience.

What? You thought that it was just a coincidence that there are 179 mommy bloggers with a blogging course?


I just figure that there are people that are tired of hearing the same ol' bullshit and want a different perspective and so I bring it to the table.

Wow, somehow I started talking about how you need to pay attention to the sales funnels and tactics that bloggers use this week and I ended up with a tirade of how you need to be true to yourself in your writing.

Okay let me see if I can wrap this up...

If you want to make money in this game, people will make you believe it's about building the biggest audience possible.

That isn't true.

What's important is you build the biggest audience that can relate to you.

That can't happen if people don't get to know you through your writing.

This doesn't mean you can ignore pageviews. You want all of those pageviews so you have a chance of casting that big net to see who in that net relates to you.

I make more from blogging than bloggers that have lists 10x - 20x larger than mine. Don't worry about the people that you are chasing away. Worry about the people that want to stick around.

There is a successful formula that you can follow on your blog journey but it sucks following it if you can't be yourself within it.

But yet, pay attention to the different sales tactics that are used on you this week. Take note of how they make you feel. Do they make you anxious? Excited?

- Scrivs

PS: I'm working on BBC 4.0 this weekend and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan let me tell you. Nothing compares to it.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to say things like this. It's like calling your own kid smart or beautiful.

Well dammit, this version is SMART AND BEAUTIFUL!

Anyways, I won't hype it up anymore since there is a lot of work to do. I'll also have the February Income Report out tomorrow.