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You fear blogging, I fear working

On your blogging journey you'll encounter a couple of different fears.

One of the first ones is launching your blog. This is scary because it means this whole blog dream you havee is actually real. It's much easier to keep a fantasy in your head but launching your blog means it is now out there.

The second you publish your first blog post and share it with the world you start to ask:

  • Will I make money?
  • Will people read my content?
  • Can I stick to this?

I would like to tell you positive answers for each but I can't because it's really on you. Conceptually blogging is really easy. In practice, it's a bit harder because everybody is different.

It's pretty similar to losing weight or developing a new positive habit. Some people seem to do it with ease, others have to work really hard and even more just don't have what it takes at all.

Another fear that you'll come across is the one of success. I have no problem laying down a roadmap that will lead you to blogging success but many people don't want to take it.

The fear of success resembles the fear of failure. Fear of success kind of sounds dumb but if you look at other successful blogs what exactly are they doing that you can't do?

And don't tell me it's their pretty site design.

Do you know how many people build up awesome email lists but never email their audience out of fear?

do you know how many people have awesome ideas for products, actually make them and then never release them?

I had a blogger email me yesterday asking how they can get over the hump with blogging. They start writing but then they aren't consistent and nothing really gets done.

I get asked this every once in a while. The question comes in different forms:

  • How do I stay motivated?
  • How do I blog consistently?
  • How do I get over my fear?

I don't have a strategy when it comes to these things. For me, it really boils down to if you want it or not. If you really, truly want it, why wouldn't you go for it?

Why wouldn't you wake up every day and work on your blog?

Why wouldn't you acknowledge that the fear is going to be there no matter what and it's not actually the thing that's holding you back?

When I released the first version of BBC I was scared. I had dreamt of making trillions of dollars but now that it was out there how would I know if people liked it (there are ways around this like beta testing)?

I get the same pit in my stomach every single time I release a product. What if the feedback is terrible? What if people get no value out of it? Maybe I should work on it more!

But I know the only way I can make the money I want and move forward is by ACTUALLY MOVING FORWARD.

The fear has never left. It's not as bad but it sticks around.

However, you know what I fear more? Going back to work for someone else where:

  • I'm making them rich
  • I'm miserable
  • I'm seeing my family less
  • I'm limited on how much I can make
  • I'm shackled to the same tasks every single day
  • I'm working on something I don't believe in

Imagine not getting what you want in life because you're scared to follow through. Actually, you might not have to imagine this because it very well could be you right now.

If you sign up for BBC tomorrow, I'm not going to help you get over your fear. I don't do that.

I do help you say "okay, the fear is there but these are the next steps to grow my blog."

Fear can tag along as your buddy. Let it be your co-pilot. A little bit of fear is good. It makes sure you aren't putting out shit.

The worst blogs are always the ones where the person doesn't have a little bit of fear. They kind of come at blogging from a cocky angle.


They are also the bloggers that freak out the most when they don't get 1,000 pageviews on day 1.

It's okay to be scared but it's not okay to let that fear hold you back.

Imagine me looking at my wife and saying we can't eat dinner tonight because I was too scared to publish a blog post so no money came in.

Sounds silly, right?

It's why BBC has the world's greatest blogging community of people supporting you and helping you move forward.

Fear is always going to be there. It's human nature.

You can fail with it or you can succeed with it.

That's up to you to decide.

- Scrivs