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Blogging Doubt

In 6th grade I discovered what doubt really was. Up until that point, I had never been in a position to doubt myself or be nervous about anything.

But then I heard that Marquee Goetz liked me and wanted to be my girlfriend.

She was very cute so I wanted to ask her out but I never asked out a girl before.

I was panicking.

I knew I had to finally make a move or she would move on so I did what any other 11-year old would do at the time and stole a quarter from my mom's purse and went down to the gas station to call her on the payphone.

She said yes, it was awesome and thus began my foray into the dating world.

Every other nervous moment in my life has involved another person or group of people. However, when it comes to doing things for just me? I'm never nervous.

Sometimes it's confidences, sometimes it's cockiness, and sometimes it's just the belief that if I really want something then having doubts is just a waste of time because it will hold me back.

I'm fortunate enough to talk to a LOT of you 1-on-1 and you'd be surprised at how many of you doubt yourself. When you had the idea of starting a blog I'm sure you were filled with excitement but then when it comes time to step on the field you begin to show doubt.

I understand where it comes from because you worry about this thing not working out. What if it doesn't? What's the worst thing that can happen?

People that are able to change their lives all have moments of doubt. It's just part of the journey but they also understand that change doesn't happen without going in a new direction.

If you doubt yourself then at least trust that I have your back and your best interests at heart. It's why I'm always around to help. It's why I won't bullshit you when I think you're doing something wrong and I'm quick to heap praise upon you when you're killing it.

I wish I could tell you that everybody is going to have success the first 30 days but it doesn't work like that.

Last year, my brother had major doubts about this blogging thing. He thought he wasted 3 months of his life trying to grow a blog that wasn't growing at all. But then something happened. We got a small spike in traffic and that changed the whole course of this empire.

I wrote about it in my first Blog Experience Report and I want you to read it to understand the ups and downs I've gone through with a blog.

Hope you have a great weekend!

- Scrivs