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A note about this email...

Yesterday I talked about how my wife was flying to Florida with our 3-month old son. This is his first trip and these plans were pretty sudden. I sent them off on their plane but last night I stayed up the whole night with the exception of two hours to make sure she got some good sleep.

Why is this relevant? Because I'm dead ass tired and instead of sending out an email in the morning like all of the blog gurus tell you, I'm sending this one at night. Will it work better?

Who knows but that's what blogging is all about: experimenting.

If you read my January and February income reports you'll notice that in both of them I talk about how I needed to spend some quality time with Mama Paisa and Bogoten.

Now just because I run a lot of blogs doesn't mean I do well with all of them. Blogs take time and I'm terrible at dividing my time wisely with some blogs.

But when I do spend time with a blog, it's nice quality time.

So I sat down and looked at each blog to see what I needed to do.

One of the big things that I talk about in the Billionaire Blog Club is the Skyscraper Technique.

This technique is all about finding content that works for other bloggers and making your own versions of it.

Some people don't want to hear about this technique because they want that ultra unique content that has never been written before.

Good on them.


So I started to craft some posts for Mama Paisa and I told my brother to knock out some posts for Bogoten.

However, I didn't tell him to just write any posts for Bogoten. I told him to knock out some Keto posts.

The Ketogenic Diet is a really popular topic. I cover it on a number of my blogs for a couple of reasons:

  1. I run a membership site around it so it's good that I look like an authority on the topic
  2. It's great for traffic

Keto first started doing well on Thrive/Strive and since it fit under the type of content that we write on The Daily Nutrition we started doing keto posts there. Then I figured it fit under Miss Fit Living so I started doing keto posts there.

Well, I also wrote a keto post for Mama Paisa but tailored it towards parents.

Bogoten is a general lifestyle blog so it can include anything so you guessed it, I wrote there as well.

I used the Skyscraper Technique based off of my own success. We call that eating your own dog food.

Anyways, why am I telling you this? Because to qualify for Mediavine, you need 25,000 sessions in a 30-day period.

Both Mama Paisa and Bogoten were under 10,000 sessions in February. In March, Mama Paisa did over 26,000 sessions and in the past 30 days Bogoten has done over 75,000 sessions!

Mama Paisa has been accepted into Mediavine and Bogoten's application is in process.

Now, before you start calling shenanigans I'll freely admit that I have some advantages. Because I have health sites in group boards, it's much easier for me to promote Keto content.

However, this is NO DIFFERENT than you joining Group Boards and promoting your content. That's all I'm doing here.

I'm just able to do it faster with some topics due to my blogs.

I'm also not telling you to write about Keto. I have a number of topics across my blogs that do well but Keto provides a great example of what happens when you hone in on a topic that is popular in your niche and really nail it.

I'm being dead serious when I say that all I did was write the posts, create the pins, and get them circulating throughout Pinterest.

Yes, that's just the 10,000 ft view of my strategy. You also have to be a decent writer, create pins that draw attention, and understand how to use your keywords.

I didn't hack the system or leave out some secrets.

The problem I have telling you this story is that you'll want instant success as well. I've been building up these assets for a while now so I'm able to get these little bursts from time to time.

BBC Members can tell you similar stories of their success on how they just wrote what was popular in their niche but they did it their way and it paid off.

My story isn't your story so don't sit there and say "meh, I only get 3 pageviews a day and I write about Keto".

Now let me tell you how this ties into BBC 4.0.

One of the big things that I'm working on in the new BBC 4.0 is helping you work together with other bloggers in your niche.

I can create courses until my face turns blue but implementing strategies in a vacuum only helps you so much.

It's when you get others to promote your content that you start seeing results (one reason why I LOVE BOARDBOOSTER TRIBES COMBINED WITH A RANDOM CAMPAIGN). Since there are so many bloggers in the BBC now sharing the same niches, why not work together in building your blogs up?!

Look, I'm awesome. I'll admit that. You know it. I know it.

However, the BBC Community is what MAKES BBC. The community is more than me.

It's the most helpful, online place that I've ever been a part of and I'm trying my best to continue to nurture it.

You know those crazy FB Group threads where people are all like FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW, PIN ME AND I PIN YOU! You think they are a good idea so you join in and realize you're just pinning crap and the people pinning you aren't even in your niche.

Imagine a world where instead you get to collaborate with other bloggers IN YOUR NICHE. People that actually have an active investment in your success because your success helps their success.

How crazy is that?

I don't want you to sit and think BBC is a set of courses because I'm thinking beyond that. WE (yes, all BBC Members) are creating an ecosystem to help each other grow our blogs.

You know how big cities always have an up and coming business district where the hipsters go to drink coffee and knit socks out of cat fur?

That's how BBC is without the weird socks.

Okay, some people have those socks.

But yeah, I share my stories with you because I'm blogging just like you're blogging. I'm trying things out. I'm failing. I'm winning. I have ups and downs because that's how blogging goes.

Sorry, I got sidetracked big time.

The Skyscraper Technique. Use it. There is no reason why you need to bust your ass trying to be the most unique thing in the world and researching innovative ways to get people to your site.

Hundreds or thousands of bloggers in your niche have already done the hard work for you and shown you what works.

Take that and make it your own. That's where your uniqueness will come from. YOU are the unique angle of your blog, not your content.

Alright, that's enough from me. My brother brought home this weird Dark Swan Sour Ale so I'm gonna down a couple and hopefully get my first full night of sleep in a year.

I'll talk to you tomorrow. Much earlier this time.

- Scrivs

PS: I'm dead serious, you don't have to write about Keto to have a successful blog. It's just a topic that fits well with many of my blogs. There are dozens of other similar topics that if you nail you can get good traffic over time.

It takes time, patience, and some experimenting.

Most bloggers have none of those 3 available.