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Bet On You

I'm sending this email out to my entire list (no segmenting) because I think the message is important. So that is why if you're a BBC Member you're now seeing the following sentence...

The Billionaire Blog Club closes its doors tomorrow. Just a friendly reminder.

One thing that I've found that makes me different than a lot of other people in my life is that I have no problem betting on myself.

When you dream about the end result of your blog you probably picture independence. Because your blog is YOUR BLOG that means it's all on you to make that dream happen.

When you think about it in those terms it adds a lot of pressure. However, you have to bet on yourself.

I don't mean keep some chips in your pocket kind of bet on yourself.

I mean ALL IN everything on the table bet on yourself.

The reason why is because nobody else can play the hand for you. People can stand behind you and cheer. Some might even wonder why you're sitting at the table at all and tell you that it's a waste of time.

It doesn't matter because you're betting on you.

Some people do it early in life. I started my first "company" (I even called myself the CEO) when I was 23 because I realized that to get what I really wanted I had to bet on myself.

This completely freaked my Mom out because she's the complete opposite. She believes you get a job, work hard for 60 years and then maybe you retire.

She's a great person but she never built up the courage (or stupidity) to bet on herself even though she would be great at anything she put her mind to.

Some people get frustrated with life and end up betting on themselves a little bit later.

Either way, once you decide that you want a blog that makes money then you're betting on yourself.

That means that some part of you believes you can do this.

That part won't always speak up, but it's there.

You'll have your moments of doubt, especially when traffic/money isn't coming in. But you've bet on yourself so you owe it to yourself to see this through.

There will be LOTS of times where people in your life try to put doubt in you. This could be your spouse, family, friends, co-workers, whoever.

I don't know how to put this in a different way...


They aren't sitting at the table.

They aren't putting all of their chips on the line to push themselves. They've chosen their path in life and it's dictated by someone else.

You don't want to do that so they have no right to say anything. They either support you or they just get out of the way.

With that being said, it's not enough to feel proud that you bet on yourself. You have to continuously push yourself and understand mistakes come, ups and downs happen, and most importantly there is no ONE TRUE WAY.

It's no fun knowing you're betting on yourself and losing but I feel that is part of the process. I wish it wasn't. Some people cash out early because they just aren't cut out for this while others see it through.

I approach everything that I do for you (these emails, blog posts, courses, whatever) with the knowledge that you are either thinking about betting on yourself or already in the process of doing so.

I don't have skin in your game, I have it in my own but please believe that I respect you for doing what you're doing (or thinking about doing). I understand that when you make the decision it can be a lonely one.

Most of us aren't surrounded by people that bet on themselves because it's scary as hell. And for this reason I want to give you props.

No matter what the outcome please understand that you made the right decision because at some point I think everyone should bet on themselves because others can't do it for them.

You don't have to ask me to get out of your way because I'm right here cheering for you.

- Scrivs